Our History

More than 50 years of reusable packaging and supply chain innovation

From the very beginning, starting with refurbishing cheese barrels for a major food manufacturer in 1959 and ten years later repairing beer kegs for Miller Brewing Company, Tosca has cultivated a reputation as an innovator and passionate partner.

From enhancing quality and efficiency for cheesemakers to setting the industry standard with our “640” wood cheese box – now the container of choice for nearly 80% of cheese made in a 640 – Tosca’s goal has always been to make life easier and business more profitable for our customers.

In 1973, we began partnering with brewers who needed to protect their investments in kegs – a very capital intensive form of reusable packaging. Tosca developed groundbreaking technology, this time for keg repair including internal and external keg cleaning, and today is the leading keg repair and refurbishing provider in the United States, working with all major brands and many craft brewers.

In the late 1990s, around the same time Tosca introduced our innovative reusable packaging container for the meat industry, Georgia Pacific launched its reusable plastic containers (RPC) for produce – with Walmart in 2000 and Kroger in 2005. Both Tosca and Georgia Pacific were changing the way perishables flow through the supply chain from farm or field to shopping cart – increasing quality, efficiency and sustainability while eliminating waste.

In 2012, Tosca acquired Georgia Pacific’s RPC business unit, becoming the market leader in RPCs poised to deliver the most efficient supply chain solutions from the most knowledgeable and thoughtful experts in the perishables industry.

Today, with more than five decades of expertise, Tosca collaborates with growers, suppliers and retailers to deliver customized reusable packaging and supply chain solutions across North America. We serve a diverse range of markets including produce, protein, poultry, eggs and cheese.

We’re engineering an era in which reusable is the standard. Where efficiency reigns and sustainability thrives. Click here to find out what we can do for you.