Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to revolutionize the flow of perishables through the supply chain, eliminating waste at every turn. Our values act as the compass that guides our people and our company.

Our core values:

  • Passion: We are driven to constantly make things better, smarter and easier. The Tosca team loves what they do and the value it creates.
  • Appreciation: We are a compassionate company who appreciates our employees and customers. We care about their satisfaction and success.
  • Collaboration: We work together to understand needs and create the right solutions for long-term success, partnering across functions, segments and geography to create synergistic events.
  • Expertise: We know perishables top to bottom, end to end, across a range of segments.
  • Vision: We take a holistic view of the supply chain, looking at the big picture and seeing how everything is connected.
  • Reliability: Our people and products always come through—efficiently and thoroughly.