Why Reusables?

The road perishables take from farm to retail isn’t always a smooth one. In fact, fragile food items like eggs, produce, poultry, and protein that are transported in corrugated boxes are often in for a bumpy, messy ride.

In a single trip, corrugated boxes can be easily crushed, dented, or punctured. They can also absorb moisture, resulting in box failure and damage to the product inside. And, once they’re at the grocery store, the time it takes employees to unpack the box, replenish shelves, dispose of corrugated at the baler, or clean up any spoiled goods can be costly.

For your customers, this means compromised product quality and out-of-stocks. For you, it means unnecessary shrink, wasted labor, and lost revenue.

Think outside the (corrugated) box.

The Tosca reusable plastic container, or RPC, is the solution to problematic corrugated boxes. Structurally sound for optimal protection, ventilated for maximum product freshness, and intelligently and ergonomically designed for efficient in-store use, the RPC paves the way for a far smoother ride from farm to fork.

What’s more, our reusable packaging options are diverse and customizable for your business. They include egg crates, produce crates, protein crates, and more—all designed to help you achieve supply chain optimization.

From higher quality perishables and happier customers to economic and environmental savings, Tosca RPCs deliver.

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