The smarter way

to move & protect your products

Key Benefits:

Standardization facilitates automation and makes the supply chain more efficient.

Asset tracking capabilities enhance information flow and reduce supply chain costs.

Corrugated is the largest contributor to municipal waste. Reusables are the sustainable alternative.

Why Use Bulk Bins?

Reusable collapsible bulk bins offer a more efficient way to move ingredients throughout your supply chain. These durable containers improve product protection, can reduce labor costs by eliminating wooden pallets and corrugated packaging, better utilize space with stacking/racking capabilities, and reduce your environmental impact.

Tosca has been servicing bulk bins for many food manufacturing companies for decades, so whether you have your own or choose one of our industry-leading solutions, Tosca can help you make your supply chain more efficient.

Improved Protection & Efficiency

Bulk bins provide superior product protection, faster loading/unloading and allow for more efficient movement of large amount of products through the supply chain.

Repair. Not Replace.

Over the years, we’ve pioneered repair techniques to help customers avoid replacement costs. Tosca repairs holes, cracks, fork lift punctures,fork strap, door latches, base repairs and hinge pin plastic welding on bulk bins. By repairing damaged containers in your supply chain, you will reduce the chances of employee injuries, damage to the product inside and you will also save money by not having to replace containers.

Industries Served:


Frozen Foods

Dry Ingredients


Benefits of Bulk Bins

Standardized footprint (48” x 40” x 39”) helps with automation and efficient movement of containers

Durable high density polyethylene lasts longer

Drop down wall for easy loading/unloading

A Closer Look at Our Containers

  • Bulk Bin Specifications:

    • External: 40" x 48" x 39"

    • Capacity: 2,000 lbs.

    • Weight: 169 lbs.

  • Fully Collapsible and Stackable

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