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Reusable containers allow you to optimize your supply chain - eliminating inefficiencies and waste.

Here’s how it works

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A supplier places an order

We work closely with our suppliers to deliver the right number of containers needed for each shipment, at the right time.

RPCs protect products better than traditional one-way packaging, with greater structural integrity and stability, smart ventilation for enhanced cooling efficiency and freshness, and ergonomic handles for safer, easier loading and unloading.

Distribution Center

Shipment arrives at the DC

Receiving, processing and repacking becomes faster, easier and cleaner with Tosca RPCs. Stronger containers means no more box failures or damaged product to clean up.

DC sorts and packs store orders

Standardized containers, handles and our unique stacking design improve picking and loading. RPCs stay clean and orderly from drop-off to ship-out.


Stores receive their shipment

Products arrive in the same salable condition in which they were first packed - thanks to sturdier RPCs.

Our RPCs are designed for transport and display, so retailers can choose to save time and labor by stocking containers straight from the truck to the shelf.

Sort Center

RPCs are returned, sorted and sent to Tosca wash centers

We’ll work with you to create an easy, efficient and effective process that makes returning your RPCs stress-free.

With 13 wash centers (the most in the industry) across the country, it’s the ideal network for supply chain efficiency.

Wash Center

Tosca’s wash center sanitizes and stores RPCs until their next journey

Our wash process continually monitors chemical concentration and temperature to ensure the highest food-safe sanitation standards.

In fact, we’re on track to become the first to achieve ISO 22000 certification, one of the world’s most stringent food safety management standards, in every service center.


From Here, to There and Back Again

The value’s in the journey

A single Tosca RPC can be packed, shipped, stocked, washed and returned, more than 100 times, safely delivering more than 40-50 pounds of product per trip, and covering more than 100,000 miles (that’s over 30 cross-country journeys) before being recycled into the next generation of reusables.

A single Tosca RPC covers over 30 cross-country journeys

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