Shipping & returns

Identify retail or food bank locations that are approved to receive Tosca containers or return Tosca containers in your possession.

Approved shipping locations

Retailers Approved to Receive Tosca RPCs

Food Banks Approved to Receive Rejected Product

    Found a Tosca container?

    How to return empty Tosca containers:

    1. Identify a Tosca container by looking for a logo on the container.

    2. The logo could be one of the 5 brands: Tosca, Tosca LTD, GP, Hays, or Orbis.

      • Tosca
      • Tosca LTD
      • GP
      • Hays
      • Orbis
    3. Contact us toll-free at 1.866.627.7358 or email us at to arrange collection/pickup.

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    Contact us toll free at 1.866.627.7358 or email us to arrange a collection/pickup.

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