An integrated offering of efficient reusables

Tosca simplifies beverage distribution and merchandising with innovative pallets, dollies and trays. These include retail-ready options that eliminate the need for traditional retail shelving and facilitate inventory control. With built-in dollies and aisle-friendly sizes replenishment is quick and easy, even when the store is busy.

  • Protection

    Tosca Reusables are compatible with automation, to protect your process and improve your productivity. They also provide superior protection and stability during transport, thanks to their lighter-yet-stronger plastic construction.

  • Savings

    Our tray and pallet combinations are retail-ready; just roll them in and use in place of traditional shelving to eliminate the time and cost of stocking shelves. The high-capacity trays also reduce the need to replenish, saving on labour.

  • Sustainability

    Tosca has a unique “3Rs” approach to sustainability: reuse, recycle, remanufacture. Our durable trays and other reusables offer exceptionally long life cycles, after which we recycle and remanufacture them ourselves. In additional they help to reduce packaging waste.

Access cost-saving opportunities with Tosca RPCs.

Superior beverage handling and display options can do more for your bottom line. Contact our experts to find out how.