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RPCs integrate into source reduction efforts

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Source reduction is a vital set of activities with the intent to eliminate waste before it’s created in the first place. Source reduction benefits have the potential to help retailers win big – here’s what you’ll see if you do it right:

  • Cost savings by avoiding the purchase and disposal of unneeded packaging products
  • Reduced environmental impacts

The way you transport, receive and store your perishables throughout the supply chain matters. (A lot.) If you’re relying on outdated one-way corrugated boxes, you’re not actively taking advantage of the benefits that can be seen with source reduction. Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) efficiently and substantially affect how much waste your operation generates by allowing you to eliminate your one-way packaging waste rather than having to manage it. And the results are staggering.

As of December 2018, retailers and suppliers who have chosen to use Tosca RPCs have successfully diverted 779,384 tons of corrugated packaging from the supply chain. That’s more than 1 ½ billion pounds of waste that never entered the waste stream in the first place – which is no small feat. And certainly no accident.

Source reduction starts here

Despite the fact that corrugated packaging is recyclable, an alarming amount of corrugated waste still goes into landfills every year. Source reduction and recycling diligence are often uneven across industries, companies and individual sites. However, it’s been proven that for every RPC used, we eliminate approximately 1 – 1.5 pounds of corrugated cardboard from ever entering the supply chain. That means every pound of corrugated diverted from the supply chain is a pound that we’re confident won’t end up in a landfill some day.

Source reduction generates savings, too

By using innovative source reduction solutions like RPCs rather than one-way packaging, you’ll see significant savings, too. Because cost savings depend upon several factors – packaging, product price, damage rates, etc. – savings can vary greatly. Generally, the higher the price-per-pound of the product, the greater the potential savings if damage is reduced. Thanks to the structural integrity of RPCs, their proven shrink reduction makes them the preferred packaging solution for perishables.

We also know that a reduction in the amount of corrugated cardboard that your employees have to manage will also significantly reduce costs. When a retailer receives product in a corrugated box, it takes time and labor to open and empty the boxes, place the product on shelves, break down the boxes, and dispose of them or prepare them for recycling. Retailers who choose RPCs for their produce, case-ready meat, eggs and poultry supply chains greatly reduce time and labor costs as they are simply collapsed and returned.

So – are you ready to see how source reduction with Tosca RPCs can have a potential savings impact for your business?

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