Case Study: 25% transportation savings with a cost effective packaging solution


A prominent east coast regional retailer was experiencing frequent box failures throughout their case ready meat supply chain. Product was arriving at stores damaged because corrugated boxes crushed during transport. The retailer wanted to find a reusable plastic container solution to eliminate the box failures that were ultimately causing lost revenue and inferior product for their customers.

The Process

Pilot Program

Case Ready Meat RPCs

100+ Stores

90 Days

The retailer decided to switch their packaging to protect their product. They evaluated two options: upgrading to a stronger, reinforced corrugated box or converting to Tosca Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs). Both of these transport packages would protect the product, but there were distinct advantages with RPCs.

To test the success of RPCs in their Case Ready Meat supply chain, the retailer chose to complete a pilot program. Working with Tosca to define the parameters of the pilot, they decided to implement RPCs in 100+ stores for 90 days.


25% Transportation Savings

By shipping with RPCs, the retailer was also able to reduce the number of trucks on the road.

When shipping with the weaker corrugated box, the retailer had to significantly limit the stack heights of their boxes to only seven layers. Even if they upgraded to the stronger box, they could still only stack to 10 layers before crushing would occur. But Tosca case ready meat RPCs are four times stronger than corrugated and can even be stacked to 18 layers high (90 inches), fully utilizing the available height and space in a truck without risk of box failures. Tosca RPCs also have a standardized footprint and click into place when stacked on a pallet. All of these features of the plastic totes result in improved cube utilization which means more product can fit on a truck and less trucks are on the road.

25% Packaging Cost Savings

The retailer’s quest for a cost-neutral conversion turned into drastic packaging savings. Compared to the corrugated boxes the retailer was using before the pilot, RPCs were five to eight percent cheaper. But when the retailer evaluated the option to switch to a stronger corrugated box that could compete with the stack heights of RPCs, the cost difference was staggering. A box comparable to the strength of an RPC was 25% more expensive than Tosca’s reusable plastic containers.

Tosca reusable plastic container with meat products

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