4318 Nestable

Nestable, stackable crates ensure efficient use of transport, storage, and retail space, while keeping products protected. Its durable plastic construction offers excellent product protection, and its low weight provides easier handling.

External Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 180 mm.
Internal Dimensions: 387 x 277 x 144 mm.
Incremental Height: 53 mm.
Weight: 1 kg
Loading Quantities: 9.240 units (40ft HC), 10.920 units (truck), 420 units/pallet

4318 Nestable

Saves space.

Foldable and stackable, to maximise truck and store space.

Stabilizes stacking.

New design for stable stacking of singles.

Reduces shrink/product damage.

High-strength plastic protects against damage during transport, preventing waste and reducing shrink.

Food Safe.

Containers protect products from harmful bacteria.

Supports sustainability.

Reusable and recyclable; prevents waste from single-use containers.