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The supply chain can be the strongest or the weakest link in any business operation. When it comes to managing a complex system that involves many contributors, getting it right is not always easy. That is why it’s vital to work with a company that understands your challenges and can provide tailored solutions to overcome them. Here we look at three questions you should ask when selecting a supply chain partner to ensure you get the support you need to optimize efficiency, productivity, and safety. 

Can your partner cover the entire supply chain? 

Working with multiple partners across the chain adds unnecessary complexity to the process, increasing potential risks, and adding to the costs. For your operation to run on schedule, each link needs to be as strong as the next. If one fails, the problems can quickly escalate in the next stage, resulting in widespread disruption and potentially irreversible damage to your reputation. However, with little visibility over the activities of the other players in the chain, individual partners have limited capacity to prevent or react to any issues. That is why it is best to look for a partner with end-to-end capability.  

Tosca, a global leader in reusable packaging solutions, has you covered, from the first mile to the last, giving you better control over key aspects of your operation. It is the only pooler who can service the entire supply chain. With just one team to work with for sales, service, and managing the transportation network, you can simplify the way you run your business. This simplicity eliminates any uncertainty over cooperation between partners: with one partner covering the entire network, there are no handovers that could compromise efficiency or safety. You will also benefit from optimal traceability over the whole supply chain, not just individual parts of it. Better visibility gives you more control over your entire supply chain.  

Does your partner provide consultancy support?  

There is no one-choice-fits-all answer when it comes to achieving a high-performing supply chain. That is why you need to work with a partner who listens to you, understands your industry, and has the knowledge and experience to design the solutions that help you succeed. Tosca has over 100 years of combined experience managing large supply chains and the financial scalability needed to grow and bring new innovations to the market. As your business needs evolve, you need flexibility when it comes to new products and services. Tosca offers four different service models, – poolingrentingwash and service, and purchasing – for upstream and downstream customers, making it easy to find the option that can best support your requirements. With extensive in-house production and R&D capabilities, Tosca has the resources required to build customized solutions tailored to the specific challenges of your industry, products, and logistics network. 

Can your supply chain partner help you improve productivity?  

The supply chain feeds your operation, be it from farm to fork or warehouse to store, contributing to the overall success of it. That is why it is vital that the products you use, from crates and pallets to dollies and displays, are designed with productivity in mind. However, this can mean different things at various stages of the logistics journey. You need a partner that can tick not just one but all the boxes. 

With an in-house R&D department, Tosca has the knowledge and capacity to custom-build the solutions that help you optimize performance at each stage of the journey. Regardless, if you need the products to be hygienic, easy to use, quick to clean, stackable, foldable, light, durable, or all the above, Tosca is best placed to help you drive new efficiency into every aspect of your supply chain. Great product design, however, is just the start. To enhance performance, you need to make sure the products are where you need them, when you need them. Tosca’s global network of 55+ wash centers and its track and trace capabilities, enable you to monitor the crates, pallets, and containers as they travel through the network. In addition, the data gathered by the system can prove a valuable asset in improving efficiency across the system, highlighting potential issues and areas where small changes can result in significant gains in productivity and efficiency. 

With the acquisition of Polymer Logistics and Contraload NV, Tosca is one stronger partner helping you build a higher performing supply chain. Dedicated to solving your challenges, it combines a wealth of experience in supply chain excellence and offers a global capability with a local presence to help you take your operation to the next level. To find out more, visit: