Our wash process

Tosca is dedicated to delivering clean products and providing an extra measure of safety to protect your supply chain and your customers. Our method is so thorough it takes 564 process documents to detail the steps. Assets are pre-washed before they’re washed. They’re inspected, then re-inspected seven steps later. Water temperatures are held to within a five-degree variance to ensure food-safe sanitisation. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels are measured every three hours to detect organic matter. There is nothing we take more seriously than food safety. 

A higher standard for clean

Tosca is the industry’s first to achieve ISO 22000 certification – the industry’s most stringent food safety management standard. But our washing and food safety safeguards don’t stop there.

ISO 9001 Certified

Certifies that an organisation has an effective quality management system, ensuring that products or services will meet customer expectations. 

BRC (British Retail Consortium)

This globally recognised UK trade organisation established a worldwide benchmark for best practice in the food industry. Its certification ensures that companies comply with food safety legislation, and follow guidelines for the manufacture of safe, quality food products. 

Annual 3rd party surveillance audits

Conducted by industry leader SGS; re-certified for ISO standards every three years. 

Employee Training

Monthly food safety training for topics including allergen control, food defence, biosecurity, and raw material/finished product storage. 

Ensure your supply chain safety with our superior wash process

The Tosca wash cycle is designed to maximize food safety by minimizing the risk of biological, chemical or physical hazards. Intensely precise, it includes carefully monitored chemical usage, water pressure and temperatures. Here’s the process, governed by those 564 documents mentioned above, distilled into eight basic steps:

*During the 8-step wash cycle, Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels are measured to detect organic matter every three hours. Rejected assets are held, re-inspected and/or rewashed.

After arrival and unloading, assets are inspected. Damage is spotted, and stickers and other debris are hand-removed.

Assets are pre-washed to remove any remaining debris or dirt.

Assets are washed. Water temperature and chemical concentrations are carefully monitored for food-safe sanitisation.

A series of rinse steps occur before applying a leave-on sanitiser.

Assets are dried using centrifuge technology.

Careful human inspection ensures all debris has been removed.

Clean assets are folded (if applicable), stacked and palletised.

Assets are scanned, an identifying pallet label is applied and then stretch wrapped before delivery to the next customer.

Clean and food-safe, the Tosca way

Get more information on Tosca’s industry-leading washing and food safety methods. Download the Tosca Food Safety Fact Sheet.

Food Safety Fact Sheet

Come tour our facility to experience our dedication to food safety first-hand.

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