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The ultimate combination of looks and usability

Tosca wood look reusable plastic containers and compatible retail displays are designed to attract, while maximising efficiency. Achieve the fresh look of wood with efficient retail-ready assets.

Tosca foldable wood look crates

The most attractive crate in retail is also the most efficient and sustainable. This foldable crate maximises cube utilisation, minimises trips and reduces transportation costs – all with charming wood tones that boost appeal.

  • Beautifully designed

    Tosca foldable wood look crates combine the benefits of the wood look appearance with the durability of high quality plastic polymer that enhances your shoppers’ experience.

  • Cleaner than wood

    Tosca plastic crates are specifically engineered 
to meet the demands of food-safe transport and display – resisting moisture, insects, odor and harmful bacteria better than wood or corrugated.

  • Sustainable

    Foldable crates save space for fewer truck trips. Long-lasting, damage-resistant crates eliminate corrugated box waste and provide years of service, helping you meet your sustainability goals and contribute to a circular economy.

Tosca wood look freestanding display units with interlocking crates

Welcome shoppers in and enrich their produce shopping experience with the farm-fresh look of wood and the convenience of interlocking crates.

  • Style that boosts sales

    Beautiful wood look crates and compatible free-standing display units integrate seamlessly to add the charming appeal of a local farmer’s market and enhance shopper experience.

  • Cleaner than wood

    Tosca displays and crates are specifically engineered to meet the demands of food-safe transport and display – resisting moisture, insects, odor and harmful bacteria better than wood.

  • Multiple sizes and configurations

    Wood look displays are available in flat, modular, pyramid, and angled configurations. Choose the model that fits your stores best. Hidden storage available in some models.

One partner with everything you need.

The world’s biggest and best trust us with their reusable packaging solutions. Here are just a few reasons why.


Our rich heritage in reusables spans a combined 100+ years across brands like Georgia Pacific, Polymer Logistics and Contraload – and work for some of the world’s biggest and best suppliers and retailers like Nestle, Walmart and Tesco.

In-house manufacturing/R&D

When one of our existing designs doesn’t fit your latest challenge, we’ll leverage our in-house manufacturing and R&D capability to purpose-build one that does. We’ll even customize container colors and branding to suit your needs.

Robust portfolio

Our deep portfolio of reusables covers your entire supply chain from end-to-end, featuring crates, pallets, bulk bins, containers, displays and dollies.


When our customers win, we win. We pledge to put your needs first – whether you prefer to pool, lease, rent or buy directly from Tosca – our service and flexibility will set us apart more than anything else.

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