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Shipping poultry is hard. The product itself is mostly water, there is often purge or leakers in a box, and if the cold chain is not maintained there is additional moisture created from the freeze blast. All this liquid damages corrugated packaging or even the product itself before it winds up on the grocer’s shelf. So, what’s the solution since you can’t change the product – change the poultry container. 

The industry’s best poultry container

Based on the amount of poultry box failures, we knew there was a need for a better packaging solution for the industry. So, after years of providing packaging solutions for perishables, we created the first ever Reusable Plastic Container (RPC) designed specifically for poultry. We sought feedback from the industry (both grocery retailers and suppliers) to design a better poultry container. 

The first poultry container designed by Tosca has the following features:

  • Durability – made from food grade polypropylene, the poultry RPC withstands weight and water better than corrugated
  • Fluid retention channel – specially designed channels drain liquid away from the packaged product to help keep it clean and more attractive for the end consumer
  • Custom ventilation – allows for evaporation of moisture while keeping the product cold. 
  • Better stacking – drag rail on the bottom makes them easier to slide into place and the interlocking stacking capabilities create better pallet load stability
  • Scalloped interior walls – keeps product flat and uniform during transport to maximize internal volume and prevent shingling and product damage.
  • Consistent footprint – the poultry container has the same footprint as existing poultry corrugated boxes, but can pack more volume because of the scalloped walls.

Labor savings that add up

When boxes fail due to wet and leaking poultry, employees at every level in the supply chain have to spend time cleaning up those box failures, disposing of the damaged product and boxes. This is valuable time that could be spent on more important tasks.  Corrugated boxes also have to be opened in order to restock store shelves.  Once the box is open, the structural integrity declines – creating more opportunities for box failures and mess to clean up.

Sustainability for your supply chain

Tosca poultry containers can be used to effectively move product from source to shelf again…and again…and again. Unlike corrugated boxes, there’s nothing to recycle – and no waste to manage.  For every poultry container used, 1-1.5 pounds of corrugated is eliminated from entering the supply chain. While RPCs aren’t the sole solution toward a more sustainable planet, choosing to eliminate packaging waste is a significant first step.

An RPC for every perishable

At Tosca, we’ve created different RPCs to meet the unique needs of each perishable category to get them from farm to table in optimal condition. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality here. Our breakthrough poultry container solution continues Tosca’s history of innovative packaging solutions customized for the perishables inside. Each of these products share similar challenges to poultry in the supply chain:

  1. Case-Ready Meat is pricey and all efforts must be made to protect the product which is why the RPC was engineered for strength.
  2. Eggs are both high volume and very fragile. The RPC has proven to reduce shrink by 50%.
  3. Produce is susceptible to damage and if it’s a wet product, box failures occur often resulting in significant loss/damage

Tosca is revolutionizing the flow of perishables

As our new poultry container demonstrates, Tosca is committed to providing the best packaging solutions for perishables, all to increase supply chain efficiencies and optimize the way product is shipped.

Tosca’s innovations have convinced two of the five largest grocery retailers and hundreds of suppliers to rely on our RPC solutions for shipping and delivering product. Interested in learning more about the packaging solution that’s changing the game for the poultry supply chain? Click below and get ready to say ‘goodbye’ to box failures, ruined products and wasted labor. 

Flock to a better poultry container.