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Tosca supports its Reusable E-commerce Crate for home delivery with its Internet of Things (IoT) tracking system

New smart home delivery crate designed especially for home shopping offers operational efficiencies, sophisticated tracking technology and the elimination of cardboard waste

Tosca recently introduced its new e-commerce crate for home delivery. Already being deployed by various UK retailers, it is purpose designed to provide a full logistic solution cycle for the rapidly growing online shopping and delivery sector. The new crate improves order fulfilment operations while providing better product protection, improved ergonomics and the elimination of household cardboard generation associated with e-commerce and the digital supply chain.

The home delivery crate was designed specifically with e-commerce fulfillment in mind. It features bag hooks on the top rim to facilitate fulfillment optimisation. The bags are hooked inside the crate to keep the bags open. This feature allows for an easier and a faster goods collecting process by the customer fulfilment team. The solid base ensures that any spilt liquid to a minimum of 1.5 litres is contained, preventing spillage to the crates below. The e-commerce crates also feature perforated walls to reduce weight, as well as ergonomic handholds on all four sides. When empty, they can be conveniently nested to reduce storage space in transit as well as in storage.

Tosca's reusable shopping crate supports supply chain IoT technology

Tosca supports its Reusable Home Shopping Crate with its Internet of Things (IoT) tracking system. The system enables the tracing of all delivered crates, and particularly the ones left on premises by the driver. The Tosca IoT solution dramatically and immediately reduces losses and improves operational efficiency in the digital supply chain.

The growth of e-commerce home delivery has been associated with more and more cardboard arriving at homes and as a result, straining local councils and taxpayers with the cost of collecting single-use packaging for recycling or disposal. It is a challenge that can be anticipated to intensify. IGD reports that the UK’s online grocery market will grow 51 per cent by 2023, reaching 7.9 per cent of the total market. A shift to a smart packaging solution such as the Reusable Home Shopping Crate can eliminate cardboard generation associated with home delivery, utilizing supply chain IoT to become more sustainable. From supply chain traceability methods to increased sustainability, smart packaging is the way of the future.

Simon Moulson, Tosca Retail Sales Director in EMEA says, “Online shopping is growing rapidly, and retailers are looking at opportunities to improve the effectiveness of their fulfillment operations and enhance their customer experience. The purpose-designed Reusable Home Delivery Crate does exactly that. It helps to reduce product damage, offering improved ergonomics as well as an elegant solution to the escalating issue of household cardboard.”