For your fresh kitchen.

Tosca delivers more cleanliness, more durability and more service for the
fresh kitchens and prepared foods segment.  See why

Introducing Tosca’s
Fresh Kitchens RPC.

No shipment is the same when it comes to the prepared foods category, but one Tosca container does it all.

  • Strong enough to protect from damage and spills
  • Versatile for shipping prepared foods and clamshells of all sizes
  • Purpose-built for fast handling and uniform stacking

Get more.

Isn’t it time you got more from your perishables shipping containers? Tosca delivers more of what prepared food suppliers and retailers need.

More clean

Tosca RPCs are noticeably cleaner and more hygienic than competitor crates and corrugated packaging. Only Tosca meets the high quality standards of fresh kitchens.

  • The most robust food safety program in the industry, operating all wash sites under ISO 22000 standards
  • Carefully cleaned by company-owned and operated wash sites
  • Less unsightly labels and adhesive residue

Ready to talk?

We’ll use our proprietary cost model to evaluate your supply chain and calculate your potential savings.

More durability

Tosca RPCs are stronger than corrugated packaging, and that means more protection and stability for your prepared foods.

  • Tough, damage resistant plastic reduces shrink
  • Sturdy containers allow better stacking and packing

More service.

As the largest pooler of RPCs in North America, Tosca’s coverage offers improved speed and availability retailers and commercial kitchens need for their fast-paced prepared foods business.


More trusted

See why some of America’s best-loved retailers and suppliers trust Tosca RPCs to protect their perishables

Discover more.

Sometimes getting more means doing less. Sit back and we’ll review your entire prepared foods supply chain to see what more could mean for you.