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From unloading to stocking, restocking, and displaying products, grocery retailers rely on many manual processes to keep the daily operation running. The efficiency of these tasks, both behind the scenes and in the store, directly impacts profitability. Unfortunately, however, these jobs are often laborious and time-consuming to carry out, tying up hours of employee time. That is why forward-thinking retailers are leveraging reusable transport packaging bins that double up as a display solution to revolutionize productivity and increase sales.

The problem with typical transport packaging

Traditionally, when retail operators receive fresh produce from their supplier, the store colleagues unload the products from the shipping bins and move them to the display containers for presentation on the shop floor. The process is essential for ensuring product availability, but the manual loading and unloading takes up valuable time that staff could spend on more value-adding tasks. This product handling can also put products at risk of damage, with items getting dropped in a hurry and damp corrugated boxes tearing when lifted. Furthermore, once on display in their containers, the products are only visible for a short while when the bin is nearly full. As the bin empties over time due to customers purchasing products, the bin appears fully empty, even though it is still half full, as the products are no longer visible to a passing customer. As a result, sales and customer satisfaction both suffer unnecessarily.

The new transport packaging solution: Retail-ready bins

This is where retail-ready bins can prove to be a game-changer, giving retailers a simple, cost-effective, and sustainable way to improve productivity and product visibility. They ramp up efficiency from the moment the delivery is received to the store, as the transport packaging containers double up as displays. The bins are ready for placement on the store floor straight from the truck, eliminating the time spent unloading and moving products between containers. Using bins that feature wheels can further speed up the process, enabling staff to wheel them directly to the display point.

Some bins offer additional features that retailers can leverage to eliminate the need for constant restocking and the stress arising from empty displays. The most advanced models are equipped with a rising floor, which ensures that products are always visible and accessible, no matter if the container is full or nearly empty. It also actively contributes to reducing food waste and the costs that arise from product loss. There is no risk of staff overfilling the bin and accidentally crushing products or customers dropping items when trying to reach into a half-empty container, which results in more products being available, in better condition. Other useful features include a promotional open wall where price labels can be attached to highlight product promotions and ensure pricing information is easily visible to customers.

The material the bins are constructed of can bring additional benefits to your operation, especially when dealing with perishables. The naturally bacteria-phobic polymer is odour-resistant and impervious to moisture. Our returnable packaging containers made of this strong, high-quality material protect products during transport and while on display, reducing the risk of damage from mould, fungus, or pests to preserve freshness and give customers a pleasant shopping experience.

Another factor that can help enhance efficiency and minimize costs is the design of our reusable plastic packaging. Unlike traditional transport packaging containers, the best modern retail-ready bins are foldable, stackable, and nestable, taking up less space in storage rooms and trucks so the supply chain benefits from greater flexibility and performance. Retail-ready bins allow retailers to increase space and labour savings while increasing sales due to better product visibility. Implementing reusable transport packaging can also have a positive impact on sustainability. Unlike single use corrugated combo bins, returnable packaging bins help eliminate a significant amount of corrugated from the store floor as well as the supply chain.

Reusable plastic packaging alternatives to streamline your operations

With retailers working with different products under different space and time constraints, it is crucial to bear in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for transport packaging or display. That is why it is essential to work with a supply chain partner who can provide consultancy support to help identify the best approach and tailor the right solution. This can mean identifying the combination of containers that is the best fit for the products or finding the most suitable base for the bins, whether placing it on a pallet or wheels.

Tosca is a global leader in reusable plastic packaging solutions, and its line of dual-purpose containers has helped many retailers overcome their display challenges and improve sales. The bins are just one example of the innovative solutions Tosca is capable of providing to help retailers meet their short- and long-term goals. Our bins make a wise returnable packaging choice with numerous benefits to your business operations. We have an extensive range of reusable transport packaging tailored to your goals to maximize your bottom line.

To find out more about Tosca’s range of versatile returnable packaging bin and display solutions, see our bins product page.

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