the one to turn to

On June 1, 2020, Polymer Logistics is transitioning to Tosca in North America, bringing you one provider to turn to for a higher performing supply chain.

Together we’re one partner who can do so much more.

the one
that grows
with you

Financial supportability to grow or bring new solutions to market quickly.

You get:

  • Rapid scalability backed by a $9.5B Apax private equity fund
  • 85+ years of combined experience managing large supply chains
  • Improved RPC availability

the one
with everything
you need

An expanding product portfolio that covers your RPC needs and more.

You get: 

  • Most complete reusable packaging and merchandising portfolio
  • Extensive industry-standard RPCs: egg, meat, produce, poultry and seafood
  • Original RPC designs: more looks, colors and unique applications like e-commerce 
  • Non-RPC offerings like retail display units, dollies and Cleanpal 

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the one
where you
need to be

The largest network from the largest pooler of RPCs in North America

You get: 

  • Growing coverage in North America and beyond
  • 19 NA sites, 11 in UK and continental Europe
  • 7 global offices serving pooled and direct-sale customers (US, Canada, UK, Italy, Israel, Spain, Germany)
  • For Polymer customers: faster turns from a more efficient Tosca footprint

the one
that builds
around you

In house manufacturing and R&D capability to suit your supply chain

You get: 

  • Rapid scalability; nimble to market with new solutions when you need them
  • New product innovations more often
  • Solutions for new and emerging categories like e-commerce, fresh kitchens, reusable pallets, and more

One thing that will not change

Our customer-first mindset, shared commitment to quality products, and on-time delivery.

We are most successful when our customers win.

We will continue to listen and learn, then actively pursue the right solution for your long term success.

To learn more about brand migration, contact your rep or get in touch.

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