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When Tosca announced in November that it would be acquiring Polymer Logistics, it was huge news for the packaging and supply chain industries. Two major reusable packaging companies in the grocery business joined to become one better company, a change will revolutionize perishable supply chains all over the world. 

Since then, we have been working tirelessly every day to ensure all facets of our business are ready so  our customers experience a seamless transition. Now, we are ready to reveal to you one stronger partner. As a unified company under a unified brand, effective June 1 in the North America and worldwide in August, Tosca is ready to serve customers with top-of-the-line customer service, a more robust portfolio of products, a growing global network, and nimble, innovative R&D and manufacturing capabilities.  

The New, Stronger Tosca is the One to Turn To 

While there are many benefits the combined organization can offer our customers, some things won’t change. The combined organization is still committed to its customer-first mindset and continuing to deliver the highest quality RPCs, traditions both Polymer and Tosca have considered key priorities since the beginning.  

The unification of these two companies will result in the following four key features, allowing us to offer more benefits to our customers going forward: 

Greater Financial Scalability 

Tosca is owned by Apax Partners, a large private equity firm that gives us the ability to grow with our customers and bring new and expanded solutions to market quickly. Tosca now represents over 85 years of combined experience running large supply chains all over the world, supporting industries like produce, protein, eggs and cheese.  We also offer several product lines that deliver reusable packaging solutions to grocery retail such as e-commerce and beverages, as well as supply chain solutions for post & parcel and merchandising options for non-food products

Improved R&D and Custom Capability 

Our financial scalability added to our in-house manufacturing allows us to be nimble to market and responsive to what the industry demands. The manufacturing facility acquired through Polymer Logistics has 300 active molds on hand and can scale your operation to any size needed. Additionally, the unmatched flexibility of our R&D capability allows us the ability to engineer ideal solutions for your supply chain. Recently, our innovative manufacturing team has brought several new solutions to market, in categories such as home shopping, fresh kitchens and reusable pallets with IoT capabilities

An Expanding Product Portfolio 

Tosca offers 48 different handheld container configurations, including different latching and color options, to several industries including case ready meat, poultry, eggs, seafood, and produce.  In addition to our extensive portfolio of RPCs, we also offer five different product lines including retail display units, dollies, bins, and CleanPal pallets. This robust portfolio means we have a packaging solution that can be purchased or pooled to service any need from a regional supplier to a national retailer.  

A Growing Global Network 

Tosca’s network has grown from 14 service centers in the US to 18 which drives efficiencies for our customers and increases our wash capacity.  Tosca is now the largest pooler of RPCs in North America.  The new organization also operates in the UK, continental Europe and the rest of the world with 11 wash sites and growing, allowing us to serve our pooled and direct sale customers better.  

The One that Can Deliver Higher Performing Supply Chains 

Migration means significant improvements to your supply chain capabilities. Tosca customers will receive access to Polymer Logistics’ innovative product portfolio, while Polymer customers will benefit from Tosca’s financial scalability and industry-leading service network. This brand migration creates simplification for our customers, while offering more products at higher efficiency. 

As we finish this transition to one stronger company, we are excited to take on the reusable revolution together as one. We hope you will join us.