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Many businesses are switching to collapsible bulk containers — whether they’re transporting, storing, or moving products from supplier to manufacturer or between plants. Here’s how Tosca’s plastic collapsible bulk containers put optimization first while creating a more sustainable supply chain for your business.

What Are Collapsible Bulk Containers?

Collapsible bulk containers – also known as collapsible intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) or collapsible bins – are a far better fit for modern supply chains than their antiquated tri-wall predecessor.

What Are the Benefits of Using Collapsible Bulk Containers?

Here are the reasons IBCs are the go-to choice for streamlining your operations while impacting your sustainability goals:

Reusable Bins Create Savings in Multiple Ways

Reduced transport costs

Tosca bulk bins feature a collapsible design that saves space during return transport, or when the containers aren’t being used. Folded bins can stack 7 full units per pallet space with 182 fitting in a standard truck. Higher stacks translate to fewer trips, leading to transportation savings. This reduction in trucks also contributes to decreased CO2 emissions.

Optimized storage

The durability of Tosca bulk bins allows for higher stacking for better use of storage space.  Whereas corrugated bins can only stack two high without collapsing, bulk bins can stack up to five high.

Elimination of pallets

The design of the bulk bins offers another advantage: eliminating the need for wooden pallets for transport or storage reduces costs associated with pallets, shrink-wraps, and bands and prevents contamination from wood debris.

Zero capital outlay

With Tosca’s pooling model, you need not invest in any assets. Tosca owns, manages, cleans, and maintains the bins, with flexibility in your supply as your business grows.

Labor savings through automation

IBCs are durable and have a standard footprint, making them ideal in an automated environment, which achieves higher throughput with less labor. Because they don’t create debris, they prevent machine jams and contamination. At the same time, standard sizing eliminates the need for machinery changes for the varied sizes corrugated bins demand.

Product protection and food safety

Tosca IBCs are designed with cleanliness in mind, featuring smooth surfaces that are easy to clean and sanitize, reducing the risk of contamination during transport and storage. They’re non-porous and resistant to moisture, fats, insects, fungi, solvents, and odor. 

Our pooling model significantly enhances food safety by employing reusable bins that undergo rigorous washing and inspection protocols. This system ensures that all bins are sanitized to the highest standards, reducing the risk of contamination across the supply chain. Each container is inspected after every turn to ensure the highest level of hygiene. 

Our commitment to food safety is further demonstrated by our ISO 22000 certification, which underscores our adherence to stringent food safety management systems.

Improved sustainability

Going green is no longer a nicety; it’s an expectation of your customers for their sustainability goals. 

Our collapsible bulk containers are used hundreds of times in the supply chain before being 100% recycled,  preventing millions of pounds of corrugated from entering landfills. 

Because our collapsible bulk containers allow you to transport more on return journeys, you need fewer trucks on the road to move them from A to B – a huge benefit for the planet with 66% less carbon emissions. With Tosca’s pooling model, the total water used to produce, wash, and recycle Tosca reusables is over 50% less than the water used to create single-use corrugated containers.

Tosca Has You Covered with Bulk Containers for Every Need

General Purpose Bin. Made from lightweight yet strong polymer, this reusable General Purpose Bin cuts transportation costs without sacrificing durability. Its clever foldable design allows for compact stacking, saving space in storage and on trucks.

Superior Hybrid. This versatile option boasts food-grade virgin PP construction and a rectangular shape, perfect for holding up to 1000 liters of product. You also get five sealable openings that offer easy filling, dispensing, and cleaning for convenient product handling.Once sealed, the bin’s design keeps your products secure and protected.

A drop door and three runners make loading and unloading a breeze. The bottom discharge ensures minimal product residue remains after use. Additionally, the high folding ratio translates to lower costs and a reduced environmental impact during transport and storage.

Low bin. Looking for a retail-ready solution? Look no further than the Low Bin. This bin seamlessly transitions from delivery truck to storage to your store floor, saving you time and labor. Ditch the hassle of traditional shelving and streamline your merchandising process. The bin’s strong construction surpasses the protection of corrugated cardboard during transport, ensuring your products arrive safely. Enhance your in-store operations with optional features that can further streamline stock management and customer interaction.

Cheesebox. Our 640 cheesebox is the best way to ship fine cheeses — keeping products secure and safe every step of the way. Crafted from materials sourced from the world’s finest wood and steel importers, the Tosca 640 cheese box is the premier choice for curing, storing, and transporting bulk cheese.

Collapsible Convenience

If you want to streamline your end-to-end operations sustainably, our collapsible bulk containers are an easy switch. Transform your supply chain with Tosca, the global leader in reusable plastic packaging and pooling. Enhance efficiency throughout your supply chain with our premium, sustainable options, engineered with precision and manufactured from top-quality materials.