A whole new way for chicken to cross the road.

Introducing Tosca’s new Poultry RPC.

The industry’s first RPC specifically designed for poultry and the realities of shipping. No one understands the rigors of the supply chain like Tosca, and we’ve put our years of experience into developing a far superior alternative to conventional corrugated boxes.

Reduces Damage

Unlike conventional corrugated boxes, the RPC protects your product from damaging weight and water.

Preserves Quality

The strong RPC bears the weight of other containers above, not the product itself, ensuring poultry arrives attractive and ready to sell.

Saves Labor

Sturdy RPCs eliminate box failure caused by poultry leakage or crushing, reducing mess and cleanup time.

Join the RPC revolution.

We talked to poultry industry professionals up and down the supply chain to make sure our new RPC would be as good as it could be. Two of the top five national retailers trust Tosca with their supply chains, and they’re seeing the benefits to their bottom lines.

Tosca RPCs arranged aesthetically containing eggs, poultry, produce and case ready meat.

Your bottom line.

Use our calculator to quickly see the impact that switching to RPCs can have on your business.

Calculate Your Savings

They look black. But they’re really green.

Transitioning to RPCs eliminates packaging waste with both financial and environmental costs. See what you could save.

Number of boxes used annually

1 RPC saves 1.5lbs of corrugated boxes from entering the supply chain.

Packaging waste eliminated

375 tons

Request an RPC

Interested in checking out one of our poultry RPCs for yourself? We’ll mail you a sample for free! Fill out the form and a member of our team will be in touch with next steps.

Tosca RPC