GMA 228

Visión general

This plastic pallet is far more durable than wood and reusable for years, making it both more cost-efficient and more sustainable. High-pressure injection molding provides exceptional strength, and ergonomic design, with built-in handles, puts less strain on workers. At the end of its long life cycle, this pallet is fully recyclable.


  • Dimensiones externas 48 x 40 x 5.63 In.
  • Distancia entre los patines 30in.
  • Distancia entre los patines (Zona Azul) 12.5in.
    Carga y apilado
  • Capacidad Máxima 2800 lbs
  • Peso 48.5 lbs


  • - More durable than wood

    Made of high-quality polymers, for a much longer useful life, and less breakage. - Cleaner, more hygienic than wood. Washable. Resistant to moisture, insects, fungi, acids, fats, solvents and odor. - Safer for workers. Lighter than wood, easier to handle and splinter-free. - Sustainable. Durable pallets are reusable for years, and recyclable.

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