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GMA 224

This plastic pallet is far more durable than wood and reusable for years, making it both more cost-efficient and more sustainable. High-pressure injection molding provides exceptional strength, and ergonomic design, with built-in handles, puts less strain on workers.
At the end of its long life cycle, this pallet is fully recyclable.

External Dimensions: 48 x 40 x 5.63 In.
Max Capacity: 2400 lbs
Weight: 47 lbs
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GMA 224

More durable than wood.

Made of high-quality polymers, for a much longer useful life, and less breakage.

Cleaner, more hygienic than wood.

Washable. Resistant to moisture, insects, fungi, acids, fats, solvents and odor.

Safer for workers.

Lighter than wood, easier to handle and splinter-free.


Durable pallets are reusable for years, and recyclable.