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Poultry Crates


6419 Rotisserie 5 Down

Uniquely designed to handle the complexities of the poultry supply chain, Tosca offers the industry’s first Reusable Plastic Container (RPC). Custom-built for rotisserie chicken storage transport, Tosca has revolutionized a far superior alternative to conventional corrugated boxes. The 6419 Rotisserie 5 Down crate fluid retention channels capture liquid, protecting product and packaging. Our poultry shipping container also has enhanced ventilation properties that reduces cooling time.

External Dimensions: 7.90 x 24 x 16 in
Internal Dimensions: 7.30 x 22.80 x 14.72 in
Folded Height: 1.38 in
Weight: 3.99 lbs
Containers per pallet: 165 units
Quantity per truckload: 9,900 units
Palletizing: 5 per layer
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6419 Rotisserie 5 Down

Durable and Standardized

RPCs bear the weight so the product inside doesn’t have to. Better protection equals less damage and food waste. Standardized size creates more stable stacks and is perfect for automated environments.


RPCs reduce environmental impact: eliminating cardboard waste; cutting water usage up to 50%, and lowering GHG emissions up to 60% through efficient stacking that enables better cube and fewer trips.

Labor Efficient

No more labor hours wasted on cleaning up box failures and leaks, and zero time spent at the bailer.