Pyramid Display

This wood-look display for produce attracts more customers with its fresh-from-the-farm appearance. The four sections of its pyramid top elevate the produce for better customer visibility and accessibility. The hidden storage can accommodate one dolly with RPCs, or even a cooler to preserve freshness. Available in multiple colors, it can complement any store’s design scheme.

External Dimensions: 1320 x 1230 x 1045 mm.
Max Capacity: 120 kg
Weight: 41.4 kg
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Product Features

Boosts sales.

The natural wood look attracts more customers and enhances the fresh image of produce.


Panels can be easily configured for special promotions.

Foldable for storage.

This large display folds easily and compactly when not in use.


Bins are reusable for years, recyclable, and they eliminate the waste from corrugated boxes.