1/2 Display Bin 77

Visión general

Our compact bin, perfect for display in limited spaces or with a smaller quantity of products, provides versatile storage on wheels. Retail ready, it goes seamlessly from truck to storage to display, saving time and labor. The strong, durable construction protects products better in transport than single-use packaging, while features like the built-in rollers and optional rising floors improve efficiency in-store. Made of high-quality polypropylene, this bin offers superior durability, hygiene and sustainability.


  • - Versatility

     Compact size makes this bulk container adaptable to many spaces and uses.   - Reduced shrink.  Bins of high-quality polypropylene reduce product damage versus single-use packaging.   - Less labor, more savings.  Retail-ready bin doubles as shelving, to eliminate merchandising time.  Built-in wheels make handling quick and easy.   - Space-saving.  Foldable, stackable and nestable, to maximize truck and storage space.   - Durable.  Tough polypropylene provides superior protection against impact.   - Sustainable.  Durable bins are reusable for years, and recyclable.  


  • Dimensiones externas 39.40 x 23.64 x 30.59 In.
  • Dimensiones internas 37.35 x 21.59 x 23.64 In.
  • Las dimensiones plegadas 39.40 x 23.64 x 12.37 In.
    La carga y apilado
  • Volumen 82.37 gal
  • Peso 57.77 lbs

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