Meat 65126


You can reduce costs throughout the fresh meat supply chain with this reusable container. Four times stronger than corrugated, this RPC protects valuable meats from damage during transport. It’s greater structural integrity also allows higher stacks than corrugated can, maximizing cube and reducing the number, and cost, of trips.


  • - Reduces shrink/product damage

     Made of durable plastic, this RPC is 400% stronger than corrugated, preventing product damage during transport and significantly reducing shrink.   - Saves on labor. Ergonomic design makes these quicker and easier to stack.  Reusability eliminates the time required for breakdown and disposal of corrugated boxes, further reducing labor costs.   - Saves on transportation – 25%.  Stronger, to stack higher than corrugated can, with a standardized footprint to provide added stability, this RPC maximizes cube utilization, minimizing trips. - Supports sustainability.  Durable enough to be reused for years, and recyclable.  


  • Außenmaße 23.87 x 19.71 x 4.95 In.
  • Innenmaße 22.83 x 18.71 x 4.20 In.
  • gefaltete Abmessungen 23.87 x 19.71 x 1.48 In.
    Laden und Stapeln
  • Maximale Kapazität 25 lbs
  • Gewicht 4.42 lbs

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