Produce 6408


This lightweight RPC, is the perfect choice for shipping produce from distribution centers straight to store shelves. Its low weight makes it easy to handle, and the durable plastic construction is far stronger than corrugated, ensuring the safe arrival of even fragile contents.


  • - Reduces shrink & product damage

     High-strength plastic protect products better than corrugated, preventing waste and reducing shrink.   - Saves on labor. Straight-to-shelf design simplifies restocking.   - Saves space.  Foldable and stackable, to maximize truck and store space.   - Food safe.  With the highest food safety program in the industry, containers protect products from harmful bacteria.   - Supports sustainability.  Prevents the waste of single-use containers with a reusable, recyclable alternative 


  • Außenmaße 23.64 x 15.76 x 3.80 In.
  • Innenmaße 22.54 x 14.66 x 3.43 In.
  • gefaltete Abmessungen 23.64 x 15.76 x 0.98 In.
    Laden und Stapeln
  • Maximale Kapazität 15 lbs
  • Gewicht 2.87 lbs

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