Tosca: More sustainable and economical for shipping seafood.

One-way foam packaging is costly for you and the environment, especially when paired with wooden pallets. Tosca reusable plastic containers, designed specifically for seafood, are much less wasteful and expensive than EPS foam, and keep packaging out of landfills. They’re part of our complete seafood supply chain solution, offering innovative plastic pallets and unmatched service. It can significantly cut costs while helping meet sustainability goals.

  • Enhanced sustainability

    Tosca Reusables can be used hundreds of times, for many years, and ultimately be recycled into new reusable products. EPS foam packaging is not reusable or biodegradable, is rarely recycled and typically ends up in a landfill.

  • 3x more cost effective

    Reusable Tosca handhelds and pallets, offered as a pooled solution, reduce seafood shipping cost 300% compared to EPS foam. Single-use foam containers are expensive and must be constantly repurchased.

  • Quality throughout

    The complete end-to-end supply chain solution from Tosca increases savings and helps control quality from sea to supermarket. Our purpose-built crates protect seafood better than foam, and our “smart” pallets deliver real-time data throughout the journey.

Crates Pallets Displays Dollies Bulk Containers and Bins Layers & Trays

Tosca reusable plastic containers are designed for savings across the supply chain. Reduce waste with superior product-protection compared to corrugated. Integrates perfectly with our pallets and dollies, for more secure and efficient stacking.

Tosca dollies are designed to add efficiency to e-commerce and facilitate faster fulfillment of online orders. They integrate securely with Tosca crates, maneuver easily and lock firmly in place. Made of durable plastic, they’re lighter and longer lasting than competitive products, hygienic, and fully recyclable.

Durable Tosca bins and bulk containers offer the capacity for shipping larger products, but also the strength to protect fragile items. Foldable, nestable and stackable, they save space on trucks and in storage, improving efficiency in the supply chain.

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