The better choice for cheese.

Tosca has created a smarter, more sustainable container that has been the choice for discerning cheese experts for more than 60 years. With a 100% fulfillment record, you can count on Tosca to get you what you need, when you need it. 

Don’t trust anyone but Tosca with your cheese.

Outstanding service

When you work with Tosca, you don’t just get a better container. From 24/7 support to problem solving, training and logistics, you’ll have a team of experts at your service, dedicated to your success.

Premiere container

We use only the highest quality waxed hardwood for optimal safety, durability and sustainability. Our 640-pound blocks protect your cheese better during storage, aging and transport.

Broad network

We have four service centers distributed across the U.S. (Green Bay, WI; Salt Lake City, UT; Springfield, MO and St. Lawrence, NY) for convenient and efficient cleaning and reconditioning of cheese containers.

Cheese experts

The country’s leading names in cheese turn to Tosca for our experience and expertise in cheese. We know the best ways to pack and move cheese and have even been instrumental in developing national safety and quality guidelines.

The Tosca 640 Advantage

  • Real, waxed hardwood for optimal safety, durability, sustainability, and cheese quality.

  • Thoroughly cleaned, maintained, and sanitized after every use.

  • Proprietary stretch wrap machines provided along with training and service.

  • Upholding the highest standards of sustainability; can be safely reused for years and years.

How 640s work

Cheese make plants order 640s.

With a 100% fulfillment record, you can count on Tosca to deliver your containers.

Cheese is packed in containers and delivered to cut/convert plants.

Cheese cutting plants receive the packed containers and unveil a pristine, 640-pound block of cheese — ready for processing into the best possible final product. Empty containers are then returned to one of our four nationwide service centers.

Tosca service centers recondition 640s for reuse.

Each container goes through a rigorous cleaning and repair process to ensure a safe, clean, like-new container goes back out for delivery. Any container or component that does not pass our stringent quality checks is removed from rotation.

Resource Center

Cheese Brochure

Cheese Brochure

Tosca has long term productive partnerships with the country’s leading names in cheese. Read why they’re happy, and what keeps them coming back.

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Inside Look at 640s

Wisconsin Dairy News' feature video detailing the workings of Tosca's Green Bay 640 service center.

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