The sustainable replacement to foam.

There’s now a sustainable and cost-effective option for shipping seafood. By making the switch to Reusable Plastic Containers, you’ll drive huge cost savings and rid your supply chain of single-use EPS foam forever.

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Every piece of foam you replace has a positive impact.

EPS foam is an unsustainable material that wreaks havoc on the environment.

When you switch to Tosca RPCs, you reduce the amount of foam going to our landfills and oceans all while reducing packaging costs for your business.

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EPS foam is up to 3x more expensive than RPCs

Switching to RPCs is a simple way to put money back in your pocket. Tosca RPCs can be used again and again, so packaging costs incurred by expensive, single use foam is completely eliminated.

How reusables work

Instead of purchasing expensive one-way foam packaging, Tosca leases reusable containers to transport your seafood products. We deliver the containers to you when and where you need them and then manage the cleaning and sanitation after every turn to ensure a food safe container for your supply chain.

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They look blue. But they’re really green.

Transitioning to RPCs eliminates packaging waste with both financial and environmental benefits. See what you could save.

Number of foam containers used annually

1 RPC prevents approximately 500 cubic inches of foam from entering landfills.

Packaging waste eliminated

149K cubic feet

Take a deeper dive on your potential savings.

Want to see all the financial benefits of switching to RPCs? Our experts are ready to put together a complimentary cost model specific to your business. Learn more about our cost model here.

RPC Resource Center

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Food Safety Fact Sheet

From plant to purchase, Tosca makes food safety our top priority.

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Seafood Spec Sheet

Get the facts on our RPC specially 
designed for seafood.

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Seafood Infographic

Learn how our seafood RPC helps you reduce the use of EPS foam.

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You’ll sea the savings in no time.

If you’re ready to make a sustainable packaging change that will save you money and help protect the environment, then we’re ready to show you how. 

If you don’t see a container that fits your needs, then let’s discuss custom
solutions for your supply chain.

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