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Increased savings, fewer rejections, optimized operations, minimized downtime, no possibility of food contamination, increased product protection and increased traceability. Sounds like an ideal case scenario? It’s a reality for our customers worldwide. 

Let’s explore how our reusable bulk containers can help you overcome your supply chain hurdles.

Protect Your Products, Minimize Food Waste

Tosca’s reusable bulk containers are rigid; they are 4 times stronger than corrugated and can withstand the rigors of the supply chain, protecting food better. 

Collapsible bulk bins can handle heavy loads without compromising structural integrity, minimizing damage from box failure during transport and optimizing storage.  While corrugated bins can only stack two high, reusable plastic bins can handle more than double that, stacking up to 5 high. But there’s another way foldable IBCs protect your products: by ensuring as little product waste as possible. Viscous liquids such as custards, milk, etc., are difficult to fully discharge from rigid IBCs, causing significant product waste. With our foldable IBC solutions, you can extract nearly all the product. For example, one of our bakery ingredients clients reduced their 154 pounds/70 kg of waste to a mere 4 pounds/2 kg.

Zero Contamination

Wood chips, dust and debris don’t belong in a modern supply chain.  There is the obvious threat to the integrity of your goods, creating costly waste and quantity shortages from QA failures. But in today’s highly-automated environments, they can have massive detriment to throughput from machine jams that lead to pauses in production and costly repairs.

Reusable plastic bulk containers also offer significant benefits when it comes to food safety and hygiene in the supply chain.  Made from non-porous materials, bulk containers are easy to clean and sanitize, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. This is particularly important for industries adhering to strict hygiene standards like BRCGS certification, which restricts the use of wood in production areas.


Standardized sizing and rigidity make reusable bulk containers perfect for automation. They integrate seamlessly with existing machinery and prevent wasted time on machine adjustments to accommodate the multitude of corrugated different bin sizes, and stalls from changes in bin shape when boxes bend or change shape from weight pressure.  

They also eliminate the need for wood pallets. Reusable bulk containers have a pallet with forklift slots built into their base.  That’s one less asset to worry about; and complete elimination of the wood splitters that come with it.

Space for automated equipment is often a challenge when retro-fitting existing production floors. Foldable bulk containers are the ultimate space savers. When empty, they collapse to a fraction of their size compared to rigid containers. Seven foldable containers take up the same space as just one bulky IBC. This frees up valuable storage space, allowing you to optimize your warehouse layout and maximize productivity.

Visibility and Traceability For Your Products

Beyond this, we’re focused on the future. We strive to find efficiencies and relieve bottlenecks that lead to better performance. We’ll help you build the infrastructure and dashboard for traceability through our Tosca Asset IQ, a supply chain IoT that delivers critical insights about your most valuable pooled assets. This gives you more control, visibility, and autonomy over your supply chain from start to finish, so you can tailor a plan that targets your specific pain points.

Sustainable and Savings

In today’s environmentally conscious world, sustainability is no longer just a buzzword – it’s a business imperative. If you’re facing challenges when going greener, our foldable packaging solutions will demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint, while providing savings in the process. 

Foldable IBCs take stacking efficiency to a whole new level. Imagine fitting 182 foldable IBCs in a single truck compared to only 40 rigid IBCs. That’s a whopping 4.5 times more per trip. You can fit more in fewer transport legs, reducing your emissions by up to 66% and saving you money on transportation.

Our reusable bulk liquid transport containers, as well as our reusable and bulk solid transport containers reduce food waste by 50+%, impacting sustainability goals, providing savings and ensuring you are able to meet the demand needs of your customers. 

Reusable bulk containers eliminate all corrugated and plastic strap waste, reduce the amount of shrink wrap needed, and eliminate the need for wood pallets. They can be used hundreds of times in the supply chain. And whereas corrugated boxes traditionally aren’t recycled properly – ending up in landfills – our bulk containers are ground to produce new reusables at the end of their life. 

All of this makes them the smart choice to raise your bottom line and lower your footprint.

Partnering for Success

With over 60 years of experience in the packaging industry, we specialize in bulk containers that protect your products, improve efficiencies, and elevate your brand image.

Tosca’s foldable bulk bins are a win-win for businesses. They save space when empty, reducing storage costs, and protect your products during transport, minimizing damage and waste. Plus, they work well in almost any industry and applications, unlike rigid alternatives.

Get in touch with us to create packaging that enhances your brand identity, limits product waste, and solves your supply chain challenges.