End-to-end supply chain visibility for your assets

Introducing Tosca Traceability, an innovative tracking service that lets you see what’s going on with your pool of reusable plastic pallets, containers and other assets so you can optimise supply chain performance and remove risk. Digital IoT and RFID technologies will help you say goodbye to manual inventory analysis. 

The many benefits of Tosca Traceability

Asset location
Stop losing containers – know where they are in transport or storage within 300 sq. ft. 

On-time delivery
Know when your shipments are on-time or behind.

Improved washing and maintenance
Know if assets have been washed often enough to adhere to your food safety protocols. Reduce downtime by proactively confirming maintenance. 

Know the temperature of products in transit to ensure food quality and safety. 

Supply chain optimisation
Know when your supply chain underperforms based on rules you set. 

Promotion adherence
Know if your point-of-sale product promotions are getting the right exposure. 

Schedule updates
Estimate new times of arrival and calculate real cycle times at every step. 

Asset usage
Know how long assets are sitting idle to reduce cost and manage inventory. 

One easy-to-use dashboard for tracking your pool

Your intuitive, browser-based dashboard is securely accessible from desktop and mobile device. Tosca works with you to customise visuals, reports and settings to get on-demand insights and automated alerts.

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IoT and RFID devices outfitted to pallets, containers and more

Tosca reusables are individually traceable thanks to IoT tracking devices and RFID tags that get scanned in and out along the journey. They can tell you where shipments are, whether products are on schedule, where delays have happened, and if products have been properly returned – in short, they provide visibility and accountability that decades-old analogue methods can’t match.

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