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Superior strength of Tosca meat containers

When it comes to shipping case ready meat, 2 of the top 5 grocery retailers trust Tosca meat containers to protect their product. The reason is obvious….plastic is stronger than cardboard. Still, as data nerds, we needed quantification. It’s what we live for. And strength is a great advantage to have over corrugated boxes. But exactly how much stronger are they?

To answer this question, we commissioned a study with Clemson University’s Transport Package Testing Laboratory, a certified testing laboratory in accordance with the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). Technicians at Clemson conducted the study using ASTM D642 testing protocol, a standard test method for determining compressive resistance of shipping containers to evaluate the difference between standard corrugated boxes and reusable plastic containers (RPCs). Compressive resistance is used to evaluate the ability of shipping containers to successfully survive the compressive forces they are subjected to during transportation, distribution and storage.

Tosca meat containers are 4 times stronger than corrugated boxes

Our meat containers have proven to be 4 times stronger than standard corrugated boxes which is a critical factor in the perishable supply chain. During testing, Tosca’s meat containers withstood more than 2 tons of pressure without damaging product inside. That’s about the weight of a 2019 Ford Ranger pickup truck.*

“Standard corrugated boxes simply don’t withstand the rigors of packing, shipping, and handling,” said Eric Frank, president and CEO of Tosca. “We’ve always been confident that RPCs offer a better alternative to corrugated boxes based on our experience and results achieved by our customers. This research allows us to quantify the strength of Tosca RPCs and prove the significant impact RPCs can make on the fresh meat supply chain.”

What does this mean to you?

Hey, we love a good data story as much as the next geek. But the real beneficiaries of our study are you. The supply chain is filled with bumps and jolts. Every incremental improvement in strength is valuable to optimal shipping of perishables. Stronger meat containers provide greater protection of the product leading to less damage and reduced shrink.

Stronger meat containers also allow more product to be loaded on each truck as RPCs can stack higher with less damage increasing cube efficiency. More product per truck means less trucks on the road – reducing transportation expenses, and ultimately saving you money.

Your fresh meat deserves the best.  Think outside the box.  Choose Tosca meat containers to ship your fresh meat.

*Please don’t try this at home. We are not responsible for any damage to your 2015 Ford Ranger Pickup Truck.

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