The case for RPCs.

Simply put, reusables deliver more. More freshness, more savings, more productivity.

Reduced shrink

Superior container design and strength helps protect product and prevent damage, reducing shrink and delivering the highest quality possible. Corrugated can’t compare.

Lower labor costs

Superior durability prevents box failures and the extra labor required for clean up. Many containers are retail-ready, going from transport directly to shelf — minimizing hand stacking and additional touches that damage product. 

Better product quality

A stronger container protects your perishables from the rough and tumble path that is the supply chain.

Efficiency at every turn

RPCs offers more effective stacking, reduced shrink and lower labor costs in the backroom and on the store floor. From farm to fork, RPCs are a supply chain optimizer. 

More food to the fork, not the landfill.

Sustainability isn’t just a goal - it’s a demand. The USDA and EPA call for a 50% reduction in food waste by 2030. It’s easy to understand why.

$52 million of food waste is sent to landfills each year.
1 in 8 Americans are food insecure.

The less you throw out due to shrink and product damage the more product you sell and is available to be eaten.

Less wasted packaging. Better planet.

Unlike boxes, a single Tosca RPC can be packed, shipped, stocked, washed and returned, more than 100 times. 1 RPC saves 1-1.5lbs of corrugated boxes entering the supply chain.

As of July 2019, Tosca has diverted


tons of corrugated packaging from entering the supply chain since it began issuing RPCs in 2000.

Calculate your shrink savings.

Use our calculator to see just how much you can save using RPCs.

Lost Revenue $

Every % reduction in shrink improves your bottom line.

Calculate your savings with RPCs.

Savings with RPCs $

Let’s take a deeper dive on your potential savings.

Want to know exactly how a packaging switch could affect your business? We will perform a complimentary in-depth analysis, with our robust proprietary Supply Chain Optimization Model to evaluate every component and calculate your total savings.

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