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There’s a better egg container

The Scramble to Handle Eggs

Whether they’re scrambled, poached, boiled, fried, sunny side up, or simply used in baking – Americans love eggs. According to a recent study, the annual per capita of consumption of eggs in the United States is 274.2 per person.

That’s a lot of eggs to handle. And a lot of opportunities for damage depending on the egg container. With just one bump in transit, one slip in loading or delivery, one toss of a box into the cooler – and your important staple isn’t available for sale… disappointing both your customers and your bottom line.

Blame the Box

On average, between 4 and 6% of all eggs shipped are damaged – costing retailers millions annually.  Just as costly as the shrink problem are the man hours needed to manage such a high-volume category – whether that’s cleaning up messes due to product damage or merchandising your egg displays. Does that surprise you? (It shouldn’t.) One-way corrugated boxes don’t offer much protection against the bumps. All that stands between your perishables and disaster is a thin layer of cardboard.

The Tosca Egg Container Solution

The good news is that much of this loss can be drastically reduced. In fact, six major grocery retailers are doing just that. They rely on Tosca’s egg container at every turn of the supply chain. Over a six-year period, Tosca has shipped a total of 621 million dozens of eggs in our egg container to 5,300 store locations nationwide. Our proven egg container has delivered significant results for our retailers. Take a look at the statistics.

Nature made eggs delicious. Unfortunately, nature doesn’t make them any less fragile. Fortunately, Tosca makes a tougher egg container—much tougher than one-way boxes. Which is good to know when your reputation and your livelihood depend on their safe journey through the supply chain, from farm to fork.

So now that Tosca RPCs are solving shrink and labor costs, only one question remains:

When are you going to try the Tosca egg RPC?

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