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Polymer Logistics Makes a Stand for Improved Customer Experience and Merchandising Promotional Flexibility

The motivation for creating the new stand stemmed from a desire by retailers

New generation of merchandising display stands are lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble and include a hidden storage space for crates and merchandise.

Polymer Logistics’ culture of innovation continues. Following the success of its Wood Look Stand and RPC merchandising systems – selected worldwide by retailers including Tesco, Carrefour, Walmart and more – the company has introduced its lightweight, easy to assemble version of the popular Wood Look Stand.

The motivation for creating the new stand stemmed from a desire by retailers. They asked for a wood look stand that would be very simple to assemble for seasonal fruit and vegetable displays. As it turned out, the flexible display stand is ideal for a wide variety of temporary merchandise promotions in addition to fresh produce. Aside from ease of use, the new stand has another significant advantage. It is hollow inside, which allows the retailer to store any crates inside of the stand itself, without interfering the wood look appearance.

When not required, the new Wood Look Stand can be quickly disassembled. Once taken apart, storage requirements are minimal.

The next generation stands are offered with a flat cover or a pyramid cover for a spillover presentation of fruits and vegetables. A tilted plinth display is another option, similar to the existing Wood Look Stand. This feature allows easier access to the back row of the crates for both stockers and customers.

The new wood look stands are available in several colours, including white, green, black and brown.

Adrian Dale, Polymer Logistics MD for the UK, said: “While the Wood Look Stand has been enthusiastically received by major retailers around the world, our continued success depends on our ongoing dialogue with customers, and mutually exploring opportunities for improvement. The next generation Wood Look Stand is a result of those conversations. Like the original, it provides a superior shopping experience, with added benefits of ease of use and additional storage.”