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Reusable plastic containers

A better solution than corrugated. RPCs are more durable, reusable and deliver cost savings at every turn in the supply chain. Companies using RPCs save millions of dollars every year, including two of the top five grocery retailers.

A Tosca RPC filled with fresh tomatos
A Tosca RPC with collapsable front wall, filled with cartons of eggs
A Tosca RPC filled with Case Ready Meat

Think outside the box.

The best packaging solution for perishables

When corrugated boxes were the only way to move perishables through the supply chain, it was ‘box or bust’. Reusable plastic containers (RPCs) are a superior packaging alternative that beats corrugated — every time, with less shrink.

Why Switch to RPCs?

The leading provider of reusable containers

Tosca has the most diverse portfolio of reusable containers to service perishables supply chains. A packaging solution that reduce shrink and optimizes the supply chain, with a proven system verified by impressive results. Two of the world’s largest grocers have already chosen Tosca. Now it’s your turn.

Why Tosca?

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It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. We know you’ve got questions — and we’ve got answers, backed by proven results.

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