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Doing business with sustainably minded suppliers like Polymer Logistics is Imperative

Also, four crucial business benefits to consider

Polymer Logistics is proud to once again receive the Gold Level rating for sustainability from EcoVadis, the first collaborative platform providing sustainability ratings for global supply chains, outperforming the benchmark for both Fair Business Practice (FBP) and Sustainable Procurement (SUP). It is the second time in a row that Polymer, the leading provider of ‘One-Touch/Retail Ready Packaging (RRP)’ solutions has achieved Gold. The Gold benchmark includes only about the top 5% of all companies assessed by EcoVadis. Polymer Logistics previously received the Silver Level rating for 2015.

Doing business with sustainably minded suppliers like Polymer Logistics is becoming imperative for many companies, and EcoVadis is leading the way. Used by over 35,000 companies worldwide, its unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessment methodology includes 150 purchasing categories, 120 countries and 21 CSR indicators. The EcoVadis methodology assesses ethical, social and environmental risks.

There is no question that sustainability is of paramount importance to everyone. Also, EcoVadis outlines some pressing business reasons why companies should be interested in achieving a high sustainability ranking and dealing with like-minded companies.

Better brand protection in complex supply chains
As companies become more globalised, Ecovadis notes, supply chains are becoming more complex. Risks are increasing and are becoming more difficult to anticipate. With social media, any shortcomings can be exposed to a worldwide audience within minutes. Brand damage is only a Tweet away.

Increased scrutiny and more advanced NGO data sources
Thanks to the Internet, buyers and third-party providers can more easily monitor supplier business practices. This exposure to scrutiny underscores the importance of highly reputable behaviours. With sources ranging from NGOs to government agencies, online information about supplier performance issues is readily available.

Preparedness for regulatory pressure
Companies are struggling to stay current with the increasing wave of legislation in global supply chains, including new laws and regulations such as  Conflict Minerals ActUK Modern Slavery Act, and, most recently, the Devoir de Vigilance.

Sustainability as a competitive advantage
Most compellingly, sustainability is good business. According to the EcoVadis/HEC Sustainable Procurement Barometer, “97% of organisations surveyed consider sustainable procurement important or critically important to their businesses, and many companies have chosen to invest in improving their procurement practices.”

As the urgency for sustainable procurement escalates, the importance of comprehensive independent assessment, such as that provided by EcoVadis, continues to grow.  If you haven’t already, visit