Tosca RPCs and displays: fresher produce, fresher appearance

Protect and display your produce better with Tosca reusable plastic containers. They’re strong and durable to prevent damage during transport over many uses. They’re purpose-built, with special ventilation to keep produce cool and fresh. And combined with integrated display options, such as our Wood Effect solutions, they’re an attractive, effective way to boost retail sales.

  • Greater strength

    Superior durability and structural integrity protect products, reducing costly waste and avoiding the delivery of bruised or damaged vegetables.

  • Enhanced freshness

    The enhanced ventilation of Tosca RPCs compared to competitor products reduces cooling time and delivers fresher produce.

  • An integrated solution

    Tosca provides a complete supply chain packaging solution that reduces labour and minimises risk through innovations including one-motion crate set up and IoT-enabled pallets.

Bulk Containers and Bins

Durable Tosca bins and bulk containers offer the capacity for shipping larger products, but also the strength to protect fragile items. Foldable, nestable and stackable, they save space on trucks and in storage, improving efficiency in the supply chain.

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