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The value of pooling with Tosca

Pooling is how thousands of Tosca customers maximise efficiency and minimise cost in their food industry supply chains. Put Tosca’s superior experience and capabilities to work for you. 

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Customised to suit your challenge 

Tosca works to optimise your supply chain and asset utilisation, reducing cycle times. We’ll leverage in-house manufacturing and R&D to purpose-build an asset that fits your challenge. 

Robust, high quality portfolio

Seven individual product lines from one provider that covers your supply chain from end-to-end. Each long-lasting, durable asset can be reused for years.

Less hassle and headache

Use Tosca pool management software or let us manage your reusable inventory on your behalf, so you never need to place new orders. 

Reduce your packaging costs

With Tosca, you’ll minimise major investment to purchase, manage and maintain a packaging solution. Pay only for what’s needed, when it’s needed. 

Meet your sustainability goals

Pooling Tosca reusables means lower fossil fuel emissions, less waste and reduced consumption of natural resources, helping achieve your sustainability goals.

Availability, when and where needed

Tosca’s superior financial scalability and unmatched global network of 55+ depots means consistent asset availability for suppliers and end-users.  

How Pooling Works

While every supply chain is unique, all products need to be transported. Explore the option that is best for you.

Open Loop

Closed Loop

Delivery of assets to supplier

Tosca reusables are delivered to a supplier – when and where they’re needed – to begin their journey When you pool with Tosca you only pay for an asset’s single trip through the supply chain including washing and servicing.

Assets shipped to distribution center

Reusable containers are shipped to a retail distribution center where they’re prepped and await transport to a store.

Product delivered to retail store

Reusables are stored neatly in the back room or cooler at a store. They can be unloaded or, in the case of retail-ready assets, they can be placed directly at point-of-sale in the store.


After being unloaded or used, reusables make the journey from the retail store to a salvage sort center where they’re joined by more Tosca reusables from other stores and sorted by type and size.

Washing at a Tosca service center

Tosca picks up the used reusables from the sort center and delivers them to one of our 18 service centers for an efficient process. They’re inspected, repaired if necessary, and washed under the industry’s most rigorous food safety program.

Tosca has new upstream capabilities 

Tosca is now the only pooler connecting upstream and downstream supply chains. Learn more about Tosca reusable packaging pooling for your raw materials and fastmoving consumer goods

Three ways to work 

 Most new Tosca customers aren’t just switching packaging providers – they’re looking for innovative new product and service solutions that can save them time and money throughout the supply chain.  

Build and manage a new pool

We’ll help you get up and running with a pool of Tosca-owned reusable assets, then continue to manage washing and delivery turn-key. Contact a Tosca representative or start a pilot programme today.

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Manage and service your existing pool

Tosca will manage, wash, inspect and repair your existing assets under Tosca food-safe standards at one of our 50+ global depots.

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Rent reusables from Tosca

Not ready for pooling? No problem. You can rent Tosca-owned assets for your own internal use. We can even provide wash and transport services.

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Not ready for pooling? Buy reusable products?

A selection of Tosca crates, pallets and other products from our portfolio are available for purchase.

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See if pooling is right for your supply chain. Talk to a Tosca rep today.

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