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Crystal Clear Tray Display

This heavy-duty, multi-function display is perfect for beverages and other heavy liquids, providing extra support and easy access at retail. The clean, see-through design lets individual products stand out to boost sales. Its durability and structural integrity protect products during transport better than corrugated. Both foldable and stackable, the lighter-weight, retail-ready design delivers cost-savings throughout the supply chain.

External Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 285 mm.
Internal Dimensions: 528 x 390 x 240 mm.
Folded Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 370 mm.
Max Capacity: 36 kg
Volume: 49.4208 litre
Weight: 2.26 kg
Folded Stacking Height: 66

Crystal Clear Tray Display

Boosts sales.

Clear walls highlight the products, not the container.

Greater product availability and labor savings.

Quicker, easier replenishment with a retail-ready design that eliminates merchandising time.

Reduces shrink/product damage.

High-strength plastic protects products much better than corrugated.


Bins are reusable for years, recyclable, and they eliminate the waste from corrugated boxes.