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Adopt Tosca’s system of reusable grocery totes to streamline your e-commerce business and set your organization up for success.

“Stay-at-home» is the phrase of the year and that means more deliveries and curb side pickup orders than your grocery store system was ever built to handle. USA Today reports that as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, “Instacart, Amazon and Walmart grocery delivery sales in the U.S. all jumped by at least two-thirds from the year before”. And, in case you thought that the grocery industry will eventually go back to normal, think again. Even before the crisis hit, experts predicted that online shopping orders would surge in the next year, an outcome that is even more likely now as consumers grow more comfortable with getting groceries online during the crisis.  

Tosca’s Reusable Grocery Totes Speed Up Fulfillment  

Today, your busy store reps are moving through the aisles as fast as they can to fulfill as many orders as they can, even as those orders pile up beyond what is possible to complete.  The stress is tangible, and inefficient processes are bogging them down.  Tosca’s reusable grocery totes are engineered for e-commerce and can help associates get more done, faster, and with less stress in the process.  

The advantages of our reusable grocery totes during the order selection process include: 

  • Durable structure that is strong enough to support an online order and protect what’s inside 
  • Bag hooks on the top rim to hold open three different bags at one time 
  • Fluid retention in a solid base that can contain up to half a gallon of spilt liquid 
  • Ergonomic handles that make it easier and more comfortable for store associates to move containers off the cart and onto a stack or into the trunk of a car 

Keep Your Back Room Sane 

During the COVID-19 crisis happening right now, most grocery stores are being forced to handle thousands of unique orders when they were never designed to operate as fulfillment centers. Online grocery sales are going to continue to be an integral part of the business long after the crisis is over and it is key that your ecommerce system is as space efficient as possible.  Tosca’s reusable grocery totes were created with the typical cramped grocery back room in mind. 

The advantages of our reusable grocery totes in your back room include: 

  • Durable containers that are strong enough to stack seven or eight high, allowing you to efficiently store orders for curbside or home delivery even in limited space 
  • Space-saving design (nestable or foldable) requires little storage space when empty so they are out of the way until the next customer order 

A Flawless System All the Way Through to Customer Pick-Up or Delivery 

Customers expect the groceries they receive to be in flawless condition when they receive them. Bruised apples, cracked eggs, and split packages are all going to drive people to your competitor.  That is why a system that protects items as if the customer had gently placed them in the cart themselves is imperative to the success of your grocery ecommerce business.  

Fortunately, Tosca’s durable reusable grocery totes are the perfect solution. Once your in-store reps place items in the totes, they stay sheltered by the same durable plastic container throughout the fulfillment process and during storage until they are placed in a trunk or delivered to a customer’s door.  Less handling of the product means less damage and greater customer satisfaction (and value to your brand).  

More Orders, Faster 

Efficiency is top of your mind these days as items fly off the shelves and demand is higher than ever.  Help your associates out with a system that is smarter and easier to use.  Tosca’s reusable grocery totes are the proven system you need to solve the explosion in online orders. Labor savings, space efficiency, and damage reduction all boil down to a massive cost savings potential that will set your brand up for success in a new, e-commerce friendly world. 

To learn more about reusable grocery totes and how they can streamline your e-commerce operations, visit or contact our sales team today.