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Typically, trends in consumer preferences will rise and fall, but occasionally trends persist and become a consistent aspect of consumer purchasing behavior. Consumers’ desire for quality and freshness has persisted into an undeniable requirement for grocery retailers, according to the Power of Meat report and Total Consumer Reports from Nielsen. So, how can you deliver outstanding product quality that will not only increase sales but also satisfy your customers?

Quality transport packaging equals quality product

Throughout your supply chain, the quality of transport packaging directly influences your success. When shipping fragile, easily damaged or even wet products, transport packaging becomes even more important. Perishables like eggs and produce drive significant store traffic but can be easily damaged during shipping. Revenue from meat and poultry are extremely important for the store’s profitability so unsaleable product in these categories adds up quickly.

Retail buyers need to ensure the best quality product gets delivered to stores so consumers can purchase it. Operations and logistics managers are always looking for ways to reduce costs by decreasing the amount of damage or unsaleable product. The type of transport packaging selected affects these success metrics. Better transport packaging, like Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) means greater product protection, less damage and more saleable product delivered — and ultimately sold.

Numerous studies show that consumers want to purchase produce that is unblemished, eggs that are clean and without cracks, and meat that looks fresh – not exactly shocking news. When transport packaging fails to properly protect perishables, your operation loses money.

Protect Your Brand Reputation with Superior Transport Packaging using RPCs

RPCs have a proven track record of protecting perishables, preserving quality and freshness, and helping reduce losses caused by damaged and unsaleable product. In fact, in its Sustainable Packaging Playbook, Walmart noted that converting from corrugated cardboard packaging to RPCs reduced damage rates and prevented “37 million eggs from being thrown out” in just the first year alone.

Rigid, reinforced walls with greater structural integrity than corrugated cardboard boxes ensure less damage to product shipped in RPCs. In fact, Tosca RPCs are proven to be 4x stronger than standard corrugated boxes. Better transport packaging with RPCs means better protection for your perishables which translates into more sales.

No matter the size of your grocery operation, the right transport packaging is key to your success in delivering high quality, fresh products to your consumers.

To gain the numerous benefits from using RPCs as a packaging solution, consider the switch from outdated and messy corrugated boxes. Click here to learn more about RPCs as a transport packaging solution.

Container pooling of RPCs is a sustainable, cost-effective transport packaging solution

What is container pooling?

Asset pooling of RPCs takes your efficiency and sustainability to new heights. Click here to learn more about working with Tosca, a global pooler of RPCs, can benefit your business as part of your packaging solutions.