What are reusable plastic containers?

Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) are a smarter packaging alternative for shipping perishable food than outdated one-way corrugated boxes. As pressures rise to reduce waste and drive cost savings, choose a packaging solution that can do both — RPCs. 

Advantages of RPCs

  1. Custom built for perishables
  2. Superior strength and protection
  3. Stackable and collapsible
  4. Reusable

Are RPCs right for your business?

Two of the top five grocers are already using Tosca RPCs to help reduce common pain points.
Take our quick supply chain health check below to see all the areas RPCs can boost your business.

Product Damage

Do you incur product damage due to packaging failures?

High Transportation Costs

Is your outbound cube utilization inefficient due to varying box sizes and strengths?

Packaging Waste

Do you purchase or dispose of large amounts of one-way disposable packaging or corrugated boxes?

Worker Injuries

Are you at risk of workers' compensation claims due to handling heavy boxes or the use of knives to open boxes?

Low Labor Productivity

Do you spend excessive time breaking down corrugated boxes or stocking shelves?

Sustainability Challenges

Do you have defined sustainability goals you need to meet?

RPCs are more than just a superior packaging solution. RPCs are a supply chain game changer that can reduce costs and make your supply chain more efficient. Take a quick two minute quiz to see all the ways RPCs will impact your business.

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RPCs to the rescue!

A packaging switch will help optimize your supply chain. Calculate the impact RPCs could have on your bottom line.

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Critical condition!

It only takes 2 minutes to calculate the impact RPCs can have on your bottom line to keep your business the picture of health. Use your real numbers to see exactly how much you could save.

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Critical condition!

There’s no time to waste. It’s time to heal your supply chain with RPCs. Our impact calculator will pinpoint where Tosca RPCs can save your business money on transportation, labor and waste!


How reusables work.

Supplier places an order for RPCs.

We deliver the right number of food safe containers you need — every time. Our containers are designed for superior durability to protect your product and maximize freshness and shelf life.

Product shipped to distribution centers in RPCs.

The distribution center receives neatly stacked pallets of product that are easy to unload and have limited boxes failures — and less messes to clean up. Store pick pallets are more efficient to create, with more product density per pallet, thanks to RPCs' standardized footprints.

RPCs delivered to stores.

The standardized footprint create optimal pallets that are easily unloaded, and can be neatly organized in back rooms or coolers. Retailers can choose to put RPCs directly on a shelf, reducing labor and additional product handling that can lead to damage.

RPCs returned to salvage.

We work with you to create an easy and efficient return process. RPCs are returned with existing dunnage to salvage facilities.

Tosca collects RPCs to wash and return for next trip.

We ensure the highest food-safe sanitation standards. We’re the first and only RPC company to achieve ISO 22000 certification, one of the world’s most stringent food safety management standards.

Food Safety Fact Sheet

Why should you switch to RPCs?

Reduce shrink. Lower labor costs. Improve product quality. Optimize your supply chain. Click below to learn more about the benefits of switching your supply chain to RPCs.

Why RPCs?