The ABCs of RPCs.

Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) are a smarter packaging alternative for shipping perishable food than outdated one-way corrugated boxes. And unlike corrugated, RPCs can be used again and again. Clients demand packaging options that reduce waste and create cost efficiency. RPCs offer both, and much more.

The RPC Advantage

  • Custom built for perishables
  • Superior strength
  • Stackable and collapsible
  • Reusable

Are RPCs right for your business?

Two of the top five grocers use Tosca RPCs. See if they’re a good fit for you.

Check all that apply. 

Incur product damage due to packaging failures.
Significant shipment volume that is relatively consistent in quantity, specifications and routes.
Purchase/dispose of large amounts of one-way disposable packaging or corrugated boxes.
Inefficient outbound cube utilization due to varying box sizes and strengths.
High number of workers’ compensation claims due to corrugated box handling.
Opportunity to (or failing to) meet corporate sustainability goals.

See the impact RPCs can have on your bottom line.

See the impact

How reusables work.

Supplier places an order for RPCs.

We deliver the right number of food safe containers you need — every time. Our containers are designed for superior durability to protect your product and maximize freshness and shelf life.

Product shipped to distribution centers in RPCs.

The distribution center receives neatly stacked pallets of product that are easy to unload and have limited boxes failures — and less messes to clean up. Store pick pallets are more efficient to create, with more product density per pallet, thanks to RPCs' standardized footprints.

RPCs delivered to stores.

The standardized footprint create optimal pallets that are easily unloaded, and can be neatly organized in back rooms or coolers. Retailers can choose to put RPCs directly on a shelf, reducing labor and additional product handling that can lead to damage.

RPCs returned to salvage.

We work with you to create an easy and efficient return process. RPCs are returned with existing dunnage to salvage facilities.

Tosca collects RPCs to wash and return for next trip.

We ensure the highest food-safe sanitation standards. We’re the first and only RPC company to achieve ISO 22000 certification, one of the world’s most stringent food safety management standards.

Food Safety Fact Sheet

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