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Keeping your egg cases stocked, organized and mess-free is hard work. But what if it didn’t have to be? What if there was a retail-ready packaging solution that accomplished these exact goals – without all the extra work? What if your team could work smarter instead of harder?

Introducing RPCs, our retail-ready packaging solution

At Tosca, we’ve created a retail-ready packaging solution for eggs that has proven to drastically reduce labor costs. Our Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) have an innovative SmartWall™ feature that allows sales associates to place the entire container, eggs and all, directly on the shelf. They then just drop the SmartWall™ in a single motion – saving substantial hours on the floor that are otherwise wasted on time-intensive hand stacking or cutting boxes and risking injuries to themselves or damage to the eggs.

Additionally, the durability of our reusable plastic containers reduces product damage – resulting in less messes to clean up and less broken eggs to process. To verify these results, we commissioned a 3rd party independent study to measure the impact of RPCs on labor.

Quantifying the Impact of Retail Ready Packaging with RPCs

Our study consisted of four steps:

1. We hired a third-party industrial engineering firm, Advantage Consulting, to study the difference in stocking and managing egg displays using corrugated boxes vs. our retail-ready packaging solutions – RPCs.

2. An industrial engineer mapped the process for managing the egg display at a retail level. Steps included pulling egg cases from the cooler, stocking & rotating cartons, disposing of packaging, processing broken eggs and cleaning display cases.

 3. The consultant meticulously monitored and recorded all steps in the process and the associated time. This observation occurred when associates were managing the egg display with corrugated boxes, and then the same assessment took place when the stores shifted to RPCs.

 4. The engineer was present at each store while the egg display case was stocked. The amount of eggs needed to restock the shelves varied depending on the store, the day of the week, and the sales leading up to the stock time.

The Study Results (RPCs vs. Corrugated Boxes)

The advantages of Tosca RPCs over corrugated cardboard boxes in terms of labor efficiencies were dramatic. Tosca RPCs represented a labor savings of 53% over corrugated boxes. (Nope, not a typo!) Let’s break that down over time.

While 53% in labor savings is significant, there’s an opportunity for that number to be even greater because there were a few steps the engineering firm wasn’t able to measure – including egg display case clean-up and processing out broken eggs. Tosca’s retail ready packaging solution of RPCs reduces shrink by 50% which means significantly fewer broken eggs to process out and clean up – meaning even more opportunities to save time.

Tosca’s Time & Motion study proved what we already knew – RPCs should no longer be considered as merely an alternative to corrugated boxes, but instead as the solution. We’ve done all the work in optimizing labor efficiencies with RPCs so you don’t have to. When you work smarter with an efficient solution such as Tosca’s reusable plastic containers, your sales associates will have much more time to spend with your customers.

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