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Atlanta, Georgia, USA, August 31, 2020 – Atlanta-based Tosca, an innovator in reusable packaging and supply chain solutions has introduced a RPC solution for shipping packaged perishables in the rapidly growing fresh kitchens, grab-and-go prepared foods and in-store meal kits segment. Tosca’s crate for prepared foods is cleaner than competitive plastic container alternatives and more durable than corrugated boxes. 

Tosca – a 60-year veteran in reusable supply chain solutions and North America’s largest pooler of RPCs – introduced its Fresh Kitchens RPC as a new, versatile option for food preparers and retailers. Versatile enough for shipping foods and clamshell cases of all sizes, the crate is strong enough to protect from damage and spills, and purpose-built for fast handling and uniform stacking. 

Tosca is already serving leading national grocery retailers and commercial kitchens nationwide, and is committed to the segment’s continued expansion. In 2017 prepared foods surged 139.5 percent over the prior year. Sixty-five percent of U.S. consumers reported eating prepared foods at home that were purchased from a grocery store.   

Food preparation and packaging facilities, known as Fresh Kitchens, use RPCs like a shopping cart – picking and fulfilling daily orders of everything from sandwiches and salads to fruit cups and veggie trays for grocery chains, coffee shops and convenience stores. “This is a high-growth, high-speed grocery segment. Prepared food shipments run daily – and no two are the same. Retailers and food preparers are looking for the same thing: durable containers that arrive extremely clean and on-time,” noted Tosca Chief Commercial Officer, Jon Kalin. 

Tosca is poised to stand out in the category – known for its rigorous cleanliness standards – boasting the most robust food safety program in the industry with 18 U.S. wash sites managed to ISO 22000 standards. “Competitor crates that arrive with adhesive labels on them don’t meet cleanliness standards, and corrugated boxes usually arrive damaged from spills and drips,” said Kalin. “Tosca’s crate for prepared foods arrives cleaner and protects the prepared food items inside.” 

In addition to its cleaner, more durable RPC – Tosca will offer fresh kitchens customers the same level of unmatched service and support that it has long built its reputation on., Tosca brings retailers and food prep facilities improved availability and faster turns, leveraging its industry-leading North American service network and quickly-growing fresh kitchen relationships across the country. 

No shipment is the same when it comes to the prepared foods category, but one Tosca container does it all. 

To learn more about Tosca’s Fresh Kitchens solutions, visit here.

About Tosca

Tosca ( is a leading provider of reusable packaging and supply chain solutions across a diverse range of markets including eggs, case-ready meat, poultry, produce, seafood, and cheese. Our proven RPC system is a smarter way to move fresh product safely from source to shelf, substantially reducing shrink and labor cost, maintaining product quality, and optimizing overall supply chain efficiency for retailers, growers, and suppliers. Tosca recently acquired Polymer Logistics, expanding its geographic reach, increasing its product portfolio and enhancing its customer offering.