Minimize waste while

maximizing protection

Key Benefits:

Exceptional product protection reduces shrink

Unique, one-step SmartWall™ design simplifies restocking, reducing store labor

Enhanced ventilation provides faster cooling and fresher eggs

A Closer Look at Our Containers

A new container specially designed to safely transport eggs from farm to fork. Suppliers can enjoy peace of mind knowing their fragile cargo is protected by the strongest packaging in the market, but that's just the beginning. Tosca's unique one-step SmartWall™ design completely revolutionizes the restocking process, slashing product handling time to a fraction of what it was by allowing employees to place the container on the shelf and in one motion drop the front wall for display.

RPC 6332:

  • External: 12.60(h) x 24.00(l) x 13.40(w) in.
  • Internal: 11.70(h) x 23.25(l) x 12.20(w) in.
  • Weight: 5.10 lbs
  • Folded Stack Height: 2.85 in
  • Pallet Unit Quantity: 96
  • Truck Load Quantity:  5,760
  • Palletize 6 per layer on a standard 48″x40″ pallet.

RPC 6317:

  • External: 7.14(h) x 24.00(l) x 13.27(w) in
  • Internal:  6.41(h) x 23.25(l) x 12.15(w) in
  • Weight:  3.37 lbs
  • Folded Stack Height:  1.66 in
  • Pallet Unit Quantity:  162
  • Truck Load Quantity: 10,080
  • Palletize 6 per layer on a standard 48″x40″ pallet

Benefits of the RPC


SmartWall™ increases shop-ability and simplifies replenishment

Enhanced ventilation

Enhanced ventilation improves cooling time and helps maintain optimal temperature

Reinforced Latching

Reinforced latching improves durability and handling

Ergonomic handles

Ergonomic handles provide hassle-free transport

Sliding Guide Rails

Sliding guide rails ensure smooth stacking and easier handling

Innovative Design

Innovative design offers easy access and attractive display

Stock Faster & Reduce Labor Costs

2 minutes

Egg RPC with SmartWall™: 2 minutes

Retailers put the entire container in the case and drop the SmartWall™ in a single motion. The whole process takes 10 seconds to stock each RPC for a total of 2 minutes for a 4’ shelf.

8 minutes

Corrugated: 8 minutes

Retailers have to cut out the front of the box for display, a process that easily takes 30 seconds each for a total of 8 minutes for a 4’ shelf.

20 minutes

Hand Stack: 20 minutes

If a retailer hand stacks egg cartons, the replenishment process can take up to 20 minutes to stock 240 cartons on a 4’ shelf.

SmartWall egg animation

Faster Cooling. Fresher Eggs.

RPCs cool eggs 6x faster than corrugated. Why does that matter?

  • Safer Eggs - rapid cooling to 45°F reduces the likelihood to carry or promote the growth of illness-causing bacteria. Thus, safer eggs entering the food chain(1)
  • Improved Efficiency – less time to cool means faster shipments to customers
  • Quality Control – quick chilling creates fresher, higher quality eggs with extended shelf life

1 – Salmonella Enteritidis Risk Assessment: Shell Eggs and Egg Products, July 1998, USDA-FSIS

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