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By The Numbers

Reusables: the cost efficient way to reduce carbon emissions and waste

You don’t have to sacrifice any of your bottom line to gain a more sustainable supply chain. Experience savings and efficiencies while measurably reducing your CO2 emissions, packaging waste, product loss and more.

Win in every way. When you make the switch to reusable packaging, you get a solution that is better for the planet better for profits and better for you.

reduction in GHG emissions using RPCs
less water involved with RPCs than corrugated boxes
reduction in food waste using RPCs
waste-to-landfill goal better fulfilled using reusables
of Tosca reusables are recycled at end-of-life
of US facilities certified food safe through ISO 22000

Millions of reasons to partner with Tosca

Our reusable products have already prevented millions of pounds of corrugated from entering landfills. That’s because every time you use one of our RPCs instead of corrugated, you keep 1.5 pounds of cardboard or more from entering the waste stream.


pounds of corrugated packaging from entering the supply chain since we began issuing RPCs in 2000.


Encounter the impact of transformational sustainability

Reduce CO2 emissions

Packaging that stacks more efficiently enables greater cube utilization for goods in transit.  This enables you to fill trucks fuller so there are fewer trucks on the road. Our RPCs and bins are also foldable, significantly reducing the financial and emissions waste of return journeys.

Reduce food waste

Safeguard food in your supply chain with stronger packaging that protects.  More protective packaging absorbs impact and offers ventilation, reducing spoilage and damage. The application of digital tracking can provide measurement of humidity and temperature, so more food makes it safely to the retail floor.

Meet your waste reduction goals

Support your goal to eliminate waste from your supply chain by adopting reusable secondary packaging. Pooled reusables can be used over a hundred times, eliminating the need for single-use packaging. We recycle 100% of our assets at the end of their usable lifetime, regrinding them into material that is used to create new Tosca assets.

Reduce water use

Despite the fact that Tosca RPCs, bins and pallets are washed to ensure they meet the highest hygiene standards, the total water use associated with the production, washing and recycling of Tosca products is over 50% less than the water used to create single-use corrugated boxes.

Reduce labor costs and safety hazards

Reduce double handling and stocking time by more than 50% with our ergonomic RPCs, pallets and bins.  Eliminate hand and finger injuries associated splinters or nails from broken wooden pallets or cuts from opening and breaking down corrugated boxes.

Our Vision

We’re building a future without packaging waste

Our vision is to help realize a future where all one – way packaging is converted to reusable.

It is a vision we have been working toward for 60+ years and a cornerstone of our ESG strategy. Underpinning it is a commitment to sustainable product and service design and to operating in environmentally, socially, and ethically responsible ways.

The first phase of our strategy is embodied in our 2030 goals and roadmaps all built around our environmental social and governance commitments.

All Together better
Together in customer partnership
Together in operational excellence
Together in term engagement
Our Strategy

A partnership that is on track with your sustainable future

How do we do it?

Tosca is the right partner to walk alongside you on your sustainability journey. We continuously improve the value we offer our customers by driving ambitious internal sustainability goals of our own. For example we have committed to a 42% science-based reduction target for Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 with ultimate validation through the SBTi, knowing the impact that our emissions have on your Scope 3 goals.

Read about our other commitments and progress to achievement in our 2023 sustainability report.

At Tosca, sustainability remains at the core of our DNA. We are steadfast in our commitment to supporting the sustainability goals of our customers, reducing the impact of our operations, and fostering a more sustainable community both within and outside our organization.

Eric Frank

What I love most about Tosca is our dedication to honesty and transparency. We acknowledge where we stand and where we aim to be, and we take concrete steps toward improvement – for everyone. ESG challenges present an intricate balancing act, and Tosca embraces the opportunity to collaborate both internally and externally to find the right solutions.

Karin Witton
Karin Witton

Making the switch to Tosca’s reusable crates was easy and stress-free. We appreciate Tosca’s continuous product innovation and development, such as quicker folding rates and even more durable plastic, and look forward to further growing our partnership into other areas of our business.

European Producer

The pooling program has been a massive success in Ireland and is helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate waste within the supply chain. Avery Dennison’s and Tosca’s plastic pallet pooling vision doesn’t stop after the pallets arrive to the customer. We encourage customers to take the chance to extend the pooling program further down the supply chain to end users and help grow the ecosystem further.

Violeta Gómez
Central Packaging Leader at Avery Dennison
Avery Dennision manufacturing pooling case study

I think we can always say we want to be green and we want to reduce our carbon footprint, but in the end, it needs to work. In this case, it works for all of us: the warehouse, the individual stores, and us.

Brad Moore
Retail Sales Manager, Fieldale Farms

See for yourself how Tosca reusables can help you meet your ESG goals  

Understand the value of reusable packaging compared to single use alternatives such as corrugate, wood, foam and steel containers through a comparative LifeCycle Assessment (LCA). At Tosca, we have partnered with the creators of COMPASS®, an industry-leading comparative LCA tool which measures the impact of switching from your current packaging to Tosca reusables and provides definitive insights for how they can help you meet your ESG goals.