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Why plastic reusables?

Reusable plastic shipping solutions offer more benefits throughout the supply chain than corrugated, wood or foam.

Cost savings

Providing more protection achieves less shrink – 50% less for some customers using our RPCs. One-motion, retail-ready designs save as much as 53% on labor costs.

Greater Protection

The superior strength and structural integrity of our RPCs protects perishables much better than corrugated. And plastic pallets, not prone to breakage like wood, ensure stability and reliability during transport.

Labor savings

Retail-ready containers and pallets streamline merchandising and speed restocking. Ergonomic design, including built-in handles, makes our RPCs easier to carry. And splinter-free plastic pallets prevent injuries and lost productivity.

Enhanced freshness

Our RPCs are designed for the specific needs of each industry. Built-in ventilation optimizes temperature in transit, allowing perishables to arrive as fresh as possible.

Expanded cube

Exact sizing maximizes storage within each RPC. Standardized footprints and greater strength allow these stackable containers to reach new heights, maximizing cube utilization and reducing trips. And lighter pallets, like Cleanpal, enable up to 6% greater loads, for fewer trips and lower transportation costs.


Tosca RPCs and pallets don’t go to landfills. Instead, they go to our service centers after every trip through the supply chain to be cleaned, sanitized and reused. This keeps millions of tons of packaging materials from ending up as waste in landfills.

Corrugated can’t match the benefits of RPCs

  • Purpose-built for perishables
  • Superior strength, unmatched product protection
  • Easier to handle, reducing labor and injuries
  • Sustainable, reusable and recyclable, 
reducing waste
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Are reusables right for you?

Select the areas your supply chain needs help with and see the 
potential cost savings you could have.

Possible Savings


Eliminate materials waste

Do too many products arrive damaged and unsellable due to crushed packaging, or because unstable boxes fell off of broken pallets?

Reduce shrinkage

Do you purchase large quantities of single-use packaging? And are you frequently replenishing your pallet stock?

Prevent Injuries

Are you risking workers’ compensation claims because of heavy boxes without handles that require a knife to open them? Are employees straining to handle heavy wooden pallets or taking time out to remove splinters?

Lower transportation costs

Is your outbound cube utilization less than optimal due to varying box size and strength, or lack of easy, secure integration on dollies and pallets?

Meet sustainability goals

Are you struggling to meet your organization’s defined sustainability goals because too much corrugated and wood ends up in landfills?

Increase productivity

Do your workers spend too much time breaking down and disposing of corrugated boxes? Or repairing and replacing wooden pallets? Does the lack of retail-ready crate, pallet and dolly integration slow down merchandising and replenishment?

You are ready!

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